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Pop Watch – Recap Of Spooks: Code 9, Series 1, Episode 2

Pop Watch – Spooks: Code 9, Episode 2

Last night saw the opening double bill of Spooks: Code 9 on BBC3. I recapped the first episode for you earlier today, but now's time to look back over episode 2's events. I can't wait to read your comments on the episode, but for now here's my thoughts:

  • We focus in on Jez in the opening moments as he heads over to a woman's house for a booty call. It's intercut with a guy in a temporary morgue at a detention centre at Camp Windesmere, filming the dead bodies within it and their gruesome injuries.
  • Slightly distracted side-note: Jez's bum is rather nice – more of that please. His "friend" says she's an informer, and asks him if he's breaking rules by sleeping with her. Hmm, I have bad feelings about this.
  • We see a short video clip of the evacuation technique that's come in post-Code 9. This really reiterates the changing world in 2013, the system reaches peoples phones and warns / updates them on things occurring near them.

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  • The investigation into Hannah's death is out of their hands. But Charlie's trying to work out the password to access the media file that Hannah left for him. It later transpires that his name is the password.
  • The video footage of Camp Windesmere is put up on screens at a university following someone hacking into their alert system. Obviously this causes panic and a bit of a backlash.
  • The person who hacked into screens is Jez's informer friend with benefits, Kate. Jez tells Vik, and he says as far as he's concerned he knows nothing. It turns out "Kate" has stolen this identity after Code 9 caused so much identity confusion. Jez doesn't tell the rest of the gang he was sleeping with her straight away, and asks Vik for a chance to sort it before he admits it.
  • Elsewhere one of Rob's colleagues at med school took an overdose on morning of attack, they've only just got round to doing a post-mortem on the body. Was it suicide or something sinister? He lies to Kylie about why the police were talking to him. Mysterious.
  • "Kate" hacks into alert system again causing a panicked evacuation at Chapel St station. The results of this include many injuries and people being crushed.
  • Charlie and Jez have a heart-to-heart at a MI5 shooting gallery, Jez confesses what happened. I thought this was a nice moment between them.
  • Rachel talks to an inside military man unofficially, he tells her there was a riot and three people in the Camp Windesmere detention centre died. Rachel asks for the names of them so they can look into any family members who might want revenge. He says no. She blackmails him, oozing that "calm authority" taught to her in the first ep by Hannah.
  • Back at the house Rachel talks to Hannah about whether she fancies Charlie. Rachel goes all coy, and then they discuss that Rob wouldn't be happy about Rachel getting with Charlie. Hmm...
  • Rob goes undercover at relocation centre to try and get a fake ID which should lead them back to someone who sold one to "Kate". Eventually Rob gets beaten up – he's no good at being undercover. Eventually (with help) he gets info about a nurse named David who asked the ID-seller to contact him if anyone asked about "Kate". David then gives them the info about a possible attack she's planning at the university.
  • So "Kate" or Laura (her real name) was sleeping with Jez so she could clone his PDA to override the evacuation systems so she could get revenge for her brother's death. It ends with Charlie killing her as she's about to detonate the bomb.
  • Finally, Charlie and Rachel watch the message left by Hannah - she thinks there's a traitor within MI5, and believes they're directly responsible for attack on London.

Exciting, huh?! So, have you settled into the series yet? What did you think of this latest episode? Let me know...


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