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Pop Watch – Recap Of Spooks: Code 9, Series 1, Episode 3

Pop Watch – Spooks: Code 9, Episode 3

The adorable Jody Latham (Lip from Shameless) guest-starred in last night's episode of Spooks: Code 9 which made me rather happy. I thought it was the best episode yet, and it's repeated on BBC3 this week if you missed it. Of course, you can also catch in on iPlayer too. Here's my thoughts:

  • After the blast there's been a whole new black market for radiation sickness pills – people are convinced they've got radiation sickness even if not diagnosed. Prevalence of hypochondria. People desperate to get them, with mothers giving non-prescribed pills to children despite health warnings.
  • Dad of the group Charlie is all serious about this latest mission to find the source of the pills. The rest of our group of young MI5 agents are laughing about the mission. Charlie's feeling the responsibility. Like all good missions, this one starts at a club with the triangle between Rachel, Rob and Charlie being focused on. Is Rob's jealousy going to compromise his position at some point?
  • Whilst the gang are partying, a couple of policemen are shot in an area they were wary of going into. Prospect Towers is the place – a housing development which has its own rules. The CCTV put in by police has been destroyed.

For more of my thoughts and the recap (with spoilers), just read more

  • It's also where an influx of blackmarket drugs comes onto the market – with a drug ring apparently run by the mysterious Zero. No-one knows who he is or what he looks like, but some of the underlings have been named and photographed.
  • One of them is Dylan, a guy Jez used to burgle houses with before the bomb. It's also Jody Latham from Shameless who I kind of adore. Good casting Code 9.
  • So off Kylie and Jez go on the mission to meet up with Dylan (Kylie's posing as "Donna", Jez's girlfriend) and find out who Zero really is.
  • Also, am I the only one who thinks Kylie and Jez have some definite chemistry going on there. From their dancing to the way they are acting undercover. I know they're "acting"... but... hmm...
  • Whilst undercover, Kylie meets Lizzie who's pregnant and lives down the hall from Dylan. Something doesn't add up – the bomb happened well over 9 months ago, but she says her dead husband is the father. It transpires she was raped outside her front door on the first night she felt ready to leave her apartment, and since then the dealers and underlings of Zero made an example of the guy who hurt her and now look after her, delivering her groceries so she doesn't have to go out, etc.
  • Despite all this black market drugs stuff, oh, and the violence, Zero seems like a nice guy, no? No.
  • So, Rob's definitely hiding something about the death of his colleague right? Remember last week a detective came to ask him about it... he's lying about it, and now no-one's sure it was actually suicide. Possibly something to do with his ex-girlfriend? Did he get jealous and kill him? Am I going crazy with these conspiracy theories?! Possibly. But if I'm not, I'm worried for Charlie.
  • Rachel and Charlie tell Rob they're off to find out about policeman's death. They actually go to Hannah's flat to investigate her theories and see if she left any evidence about a mole in MI5.
  • Riot police go into Prospect Towers at night while Jez and Kylie are there to arrest those responsible for previous day's shooting. Gunfire ensues, plus a riot leading to deaths. Hmm, the police and the MI5 aren't really working together here are they?
  • The next day Kylie confesses to Lizzie she's dying from the radiation sickness and that she takes completely different drugs to the ones that Lizzie's taking for prevention (provided by Zero).
  • After making lots of noise about wanting to see Zero, Jez finally gets in and meets a guy he presumes is Zero. After getting his "contacts" to supply some cocaine and a fur coat, then burning his clothing (and MI5 tracker bracelet) he's almost in the inner circle.
  • .. and then Kylie gets caught filming the people making the drugs - directions provided by Lizzie. Turns out the tabs are filled with Nicotine powder.
  • The final twist comes as Dylan confesses he is Zero after Jez reassures Kylie the team are on their way. Dylan's shocked that Jez is part of the police and tells Jez he's been trying to point out that he's Zero to him all along. The signs were definitely there, but I don't think I could see "Lip" as the head of an operation as big as this... damn his Shameless past confusing me into trusting him!
  • Although yet again, the producers have shown me why this team are all so young – with the fifteen year old hoodie last episode, and Dylan this time... well, I'm keeping my eye on the younger generation, that's for sure.
  • Dylan wants Jez to work with them, understands he's doing it for his family, but hates it. They were best friends. It's kinda sad. But Jez smacks him unconscious, so the sad/nice moment ends pretty quickly.
  • The rest of the team use the sonics to neutralise the threat of everyone in the housing development, and get into Prospect Towers. They save Lizzie, and take unconscious Dylan/Zero away in their van.
  • The post-script consists of Charlie and Rachel still investigating the clues Hannah left. They go to the map coordinates that Charlie discovered at her flat, and it leads them to a tree in a field with a note in it. It's a big treasure hunt!

Well the appearance of Jody Latham certainly perked up this episode for me, and I think it was the best one yet. But what did you think? Let me know!


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