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Pop Watch: Skins: Series 2, Episode 9 "Cassie"

Pop Watch: Skins, Episode 9 "Cassie"

So last night's Skins episode was the penultimate one for this cast, and this time we were given a little insight into the mind of Cassie. And lets face it, we've kind of needed that this season, as she's become more messed up and less likeable. As always I really want to know what you all thought of Cassie's episode too, so make sure you leave some comments as you read my thoughts and let me know!

  • First off, how amazing was the soundtrack to last night's episode? I loved it. Check out the Skins Music Guide from the production team for further info on it.
  • Joe Dempsie's performance as Chris was fantastic, through and through. The myriad of emotions he let out through his eyes really portrayed Chris as the multi-layered character the scripts describe. I was blown away. And Hannah Murray put in her best performance to date also, without a doubt. Especially in the final scenes.
  • So, Chris was seriously ill after his hospitalisation at the end of episode 8, but discharged himself so he could chill at home. All his friends rallied around in varying degrees – Anwar ate his grapes, Tony offered him a spliff, Jal was scared, but Cassie was 100% there for him.

If you didn't see last night's episode then don't read any further, but if you have and what to read more of my thoughts on the episode, just

  • RIP Chris!! Oh so sad, even though I did know it was going to happen. I guess we're going to have to say goodbye to them all next week as the series ends, but I'm still teary about the fact my favourite character died. Did you shed a tear?
  • But lets rewind a little, who else is curious about Chris's impression of Mick Hucknall from Simply Red?!
  • Sid and Cassie were still having major problems, mainly due to Sid's ridiculous inability to stop mentioning Michelle. He's always been fairly oblivious, but come on! No wonder Cassie's still so unhappy.
  • Jal was mostly absent from this episode, which was so sad as it was Chris's final one. Chris asked Cassie to tell him again about Jal not leaving his side at the hospital, as it gave him more hope that she loved him. So sweet and sad. And he felt so bad for not telling her he was ill, that broke my heart a little.
  • I really laughed when Cassie sent Sid in to change Chris's groin bandages despite the fact she's already done them. Chris headbutting Sid gave me a much-needed giggle. Although perhaps not the best thing to do when you have a hereditary brain illness?
  • That crazy disco sequence in Cassie's rescheduled A-level exam was a little insane.
  • Vanilla with spaghetti and meatballs? Cherries and nuts in the Smash? That meal Sid prepared for Chris, Tony, Michelle, Sid and Cassie sounded hideous! Bless Chris though, he just chowed it on down happily whilst the others picked at it.
  • And it was at the meal that Chris found out something was up with Jal – offscreen she told him she was pregnant and that she wasn't sure she wanted to keep it. When he spoke to Cassie about it the next morning it was obvious he wanted the baby even though he said "I'm not really qualified to be a dad. I don't know what they do." He just looked heartbroken. Meanwhile, Jal had disappeared off to the recalls for her music college auditions.
  • Chris's Mum returned, albeit briefly, and hinted to Cassie that the reason she had left was because she knew this illness would take Chris from her. Chris didn't see her, and didn't even find out she'd visited. But he was inside crying when Cassie got back into the flat, proving how much of a front he was putting up.
  • Quote of the episode: Cassie to Chris "You're right about Adam Sandler – he's quite sweet if you keep the sound down." True words.
  • And then it happened. Chris was excited about the Monkey Man t-shirt Cassie had shoplifted for him, and when he was gushing "I can't wait to show...." he realised he couldn't remember his girlfriend's name. Jal. He got dizzy, Cassie panicked, and then he died. From the sound effects I'm guessing Cassie called an ambulance, and then she packed her things and left...
  • ...for New York! A great place to escape to if you ask me. She ended up meeting a seen-it-all NY cabbie who she managed to soften, before ending up in a cafe and wangling her way into staying at a guy named Adam's apartment to stay. But he left her too, and she ended up alone in NYC, running through the streets.

I'll leave you with Chris's final message.... to God. It's an extra that hasn't been aired on TV, and takes place between episode 8 and this one. So yes. He's really gone.

Join with me and keep repeating – "It's only a TV show, it's only a TV show, it's only a TV show..."

The final episode's up next week, but as always, let me know what you thought of this one.

(Images courtesy of Channel 4)

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missy-k missy-k 9 years
I was thinking about Skins while I was in the bath this morning (I often find myself contemplating important issues like this while bathing) and I wonder whether Jal will now keep Chris' baby?
JuliusCaesar JuliusCaesar 9 years
I only watched it last night after handing in all my uni coursework (yay!) but OMG - it was brilliant. Cassie was my fav character in season 1 but Chris, Jal and Tony were my favourites this year. I loved the way they handled Tony's death and I really want to know what happens to Cassie, and if she comes back to the UK. Can't wait for next week's episode.
missy-k missy-k 9 years
I stayed up 'til 11.00pm last night drinking coffee so I could stay awake for the repeat on Channel 4. OMG!! I can't believe Chris is gone - he was my favourite! Especially as I met him at London Fashion Week and he was really lovely in real life! Cassie irritates me as she's just so 'acting school' (d'you know what I mean?)Having said that I thought the episode was superb and I can't wait for Monday! ps. I loved the disco dancing bit, it was probably the best Skins scene ever :)
POPSUGAR-Celebrity-UK POPSUGAR-Celebrity-UK 9 years
Gilly_bean I'm sure we'll get some reactions from the others at Chris's funeral in next week's episode, don't worry.
gilly_bean gilly_bean 9 years
how rubbish was that episode?!?! did noone else think so! Cassie is the lamest character! i wanted to know the other character's responses to Chris' death not just watch cassie go to new york on all the budget and wallow in self pitty. i don't know how we can now skip back to england and it feel the same. my boyfriend and i spent the second half of the episode confused and disappointed. plus chris was the best character! how dare they kill him off!
missy-k missy-k 9 years
I missed this episode on Monday so am deliberately not reading any of the comments above or the article as I don't want to know what happens! Am going to catch it on Channel 4 tomorrow night. I have actually cancelled dinner with a friend so I can watch it! (hope she's not reading this! ;) )
Megge Megge 9 years
I'm not from the UK but I have my sources for this show and OMG I cried for so long when Chris died. I was soo upset that Jal wasn't even around for his last moments. And I hate Cassie. She always runs away and is a bit self absorbed. Monday is going to be the worst though. I don't want it to end.
swwonder swwonder 9 years
The final scenes with Cassie in NY were shot really well. Loved the disco, that was pretty awesome. I'm gutted Chris is dead, it was genuinely upsetting. And the whole thing with his mum turning up too. The acting in this episode was pretty good, Joe Dempsie especially. He presented the many layers of Chris soo well from the first series to this one. (and lol, at Jono and the Whale).
stairwaytoheaven stairwaytoheaven 9 years
God, this episode absolutely broke my heart!! Ha, I'm sad!
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