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Pop Watch: Skins, Series 2, Season Finale, Episode 10 – Final Episode.

Pop Watch: Skins, Episode 10 – Series 2 Finale

So, that's it then? Last night we said a proper goodbye to Chris. And, for that matter, Sid, Tony, Cassie, Jal, Anwar, Michelle, Maxxie, Posh Kenneth and Sketch as Skins series 2 came to an end. So here, for the final time, are my thoughts on this episode...

  • The dreaded A-level results day fell on the same day as Chris's funeral, and everyone agreed not to open their results until they'd said goodbye to Chris. Well. Anwar was a little impatient and worried about his future, didn't get the results he wanted and spoke to Sketch (always a bad plan) who told him he'd be stuck right there forever, left behind. Dev Patel did some great acting throughout this episode (incidentally he's next starring in Danny Boyle's new movie Slumdog Millionaire.)
  • I never tire of seeing people wake up under Tony's 'naked people' sheets. Especially when Sid's head is on top of the woman's body.

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  • John Thomson showed up as a really, really bad funeral director. He had no idea what to say, for example: "It's nice though; a father burying his son... It's not nice... It's a nice novelty for me though..." Oh dear.
  • Chris's Dad did not want the gang at the funeral to maintain Chris's image to his family. Shame that Chris's family didn't care at all over the past two seasons. Just saying...
  • Tony to the rescue. Kind of. He suggested stealing the coffin. Which led to my highlight of the episode, watching Sid and Tony steal the coffin whilst the funeral director and Chris's Dad were talking in the house. And I loved the crazy pop soundtrack of their Italian Job-style car chase, "Sound Of The Underground" and "Oops I Did It Again". I think Chris would have loved that too.
  • Jal, however... not so impressed. She told them to return the coffin, which caused a very amusing reverse of the original sequence as the funeral director apologised for not locking the hearse:

    FD:"I'm not a thinker, I don't think."
    Chris's Dad: "Why would they do this?"
    FD: "ASBO culture... or Arabs. It's one of the As..."

  • Jal had the abortion. Which put paid to the possible cliche ending of 'Jal has the baby and calls it Chris' some people were expecting, which I was actually incredibly happy about. That would have been a complete cop-out. Michelle took Jal to the zoo to cheer her up and showed her where she first met Chris when she was seven, by the aquarium. Ah the fishes...
  • The gang showed up to the funeral, but stayed at a distance, and Jal delivered her own speech eventually drowning out the priest conducting the funeral. It was a tearjerker. And then the fireworks... gorgeous fireworks exploding to "Seven Nation Army" by the White Stripes. Perfect. RIP Chris.
  • The gang hung around at the cemetery after dark to smoke, drink and open their A-level results. The inevitable had been put off enough. Watching their reactions to the results felt oh so familiar. That pride that you'd got through it and made it to the other side, but the depressing thought things would never be the same again. Michelle and Tony did well, so the lovebirds will be separated at Cardiff and York Universities.
  • Jal and Chris's Dad had a sweet chat in the rain at Chris's grave, where he showed his remarkable similarity to Chris in his attitude to parenthood. He apologised for not letting them attend the funeral, and Jal accepted it.
  • Remember Cassie? Well she's still in New York, and she has the coin that Jal won in the casino and Chris took into surgery - the lucky coin. Meanwhile Tony and Michelle has bought Sid a ticket to New York so that he can see a certain someone.

    Tony: "She's thin, she's blonde, she says "wow" a lot..."

  • Maxxie was about to leave with James, but he was worried about Anwar who went missing after the funeral. He showed up at the coach station to say goodbye to Maxxie, though. Despite the Sketch business, their friendship has been lovely throughout the series. And then Maxxie invited Anwar to go to London with them, and they all leave together on the coach. YAY ANWAR!
  • Saddest goodbye ever award goes to Tony and Sid's awkward hugging in front of the airport. Tony's crying made me get all misty-eyed. I love the way they portray male friendship in this show – they're rubbish at talking about anything, but they care deeply for each other.

    Tony: "I always loved you the best, Sid."

  • Sid arrives in New York, searches around for a while, and eventually finds himself outside the cafe Cassie's working in. They don't see each other though. I like to think they did... just after the fade to black.
  • The credits with the clips was fab, and a nice touch.
  • All in all, I genuinely thought this episode was a great portrayal of that moment when you have to go out into the big wide world. Be it Uni or real life. Your friendship group splits up to all different sides of the country and you don't feel ready for it. Relationships are forced to end, seeing each other every day becomes seeing each other every few months and all you have are the memories. Nothing's set in stone, there are no completely perfect endings. Not everything was wrapped up with a shiny bow a la The OC etc.

    But enough about me, what did you think of this final episode?

    (Images courtesy of Channel 4)

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