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Pop poll on <b>Bionic Woman</b>

Pan or Praise: "Bionic Woman"

Last night ITV2 launched four new shows and little Zoe Slater from EastEnders became the Bionic Woman, pulling in over 2 million viewers to the channel.

I enjoyed it, Michelle Ryan's American accent for her character Jaime Sommers seemed fantastic – I was convinced! Seeing her as a more mature actress was a bit of a difficult thing for me to get my head around but by the end of the episode I had almost forgotten who she was. I do hope Jaime gets a little warmer in future episodes though.

I've also had a sneaky peek at the second episode, and I think that if you watched the pilot and quite liked it, you should stick around for the second as everything starts to slot into place in that one – there's a lot more explanation and less scene-setting. (FYI: This may be the only season of the show as there's a lot of talk that the show has already been cancelled by NBC after 13 episodes. Sigh.)

But despite all that, we want to know: what did you think of the show?

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