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PopUK Book Club: Brideshead Revisited, Section Two

Welcome back, members of the PopUK Book Club. Last week we discussed the first section, so now it's time to talk about Book Two: "Brideshead Deserted". Feel free to read ahead, but please don't reveal any spoilers in the comments.

A quick reminder of how the Book Club works is that each week I'll suggest a section to complete by the following Monday, and will post a few questions to start our discussion in the comments section. We'll read a book a month.

We'll discuss the final part next Monday 29th, so we'll be ready to watch the film version, starring Emma Thompson and The Duchess' Hayley Atwell, when it's released at the end of next week.

After the jump you'll find some questions and topics to get the discussion started, but feel free to write about whatever you found interesting.

The next assignment: Read Book Three and Epilogue by Mon. 29 Sept.

Ready to discuss the second section of Brideshead Revisited? Just read more.

  1. What factors contributed to Sebastian's descent in to alcoholism?
  2. How has the power shifted between the characters, compared to the first section?
  3. We learn more about the role of Catholicism in the Flytes' lives in this second part: has your view on the role that religion plays in the novel changed in light of this?
  4. What are your thoughts on Julia's relationship with Rex Mottram?
  5. What effect do you think Lady Marchmain's death will have?


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