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PopUK TV Recap of the Skins Series 4 Finale With Spoilers and Video. What Did You Think?

PopUK TV Recap — Skins Series Four Finale!

That's it! The final episode of Skins with this cast is over, and it's going to be a brand new set of kids next year. After last week's shocking conclusion, this week tied up loose ends and I hoped there would be some comeuppance for a certain person... but all the spoilers lie under the cut in my recap, so check that out and let me know what you thought of the last episode!

Spoilers and a recap lie beneath, as well as a bonus video of some of the cast talking about their experience on the show. Ready? Just read more!

  • Freddie is missing and his sister Karen suspects something's wrong, despite the note that he prepared. His stuff is still all in the house.
  • Cook says he's over Effy... but brings home a girl who looks just like her. Obviously hasn't moved on. Cook only seems to realise how much she looks like Effy when Naomi calls her that by mistake.
  • Cook, Emily, Katie and others all living at Naomi's house now. Karen goes to the house to try and get help to find her brother.
  • Karen reminds Cook that Freddie went looking for him last year, then gives him Freddie's notebook saying 'I love her" over and over on the pages, and says he wouldn't just leave Effy. Cook breaks down when he's on his own. Says he loves her too.
  • Thomas is giving Katie French lessons... but they're really just trying to make Pandora jealous to get them back together.
  • Both Cook and Effy hear Freddie's voice during the episode. Cook sees the note Freddie left across one page in the book — "John Foster wants to hurt her".
  • Police show up at the house and break in looking for Cook, who's still on the run. He escapes out the back.
  • Thomas gets spotted running by a fitness instructor, gets told he could get a scholarship for University with his talent.
  • Cook goes back to the clubhouse to hide out, finds Effy there. It's Freddie's birthday. Cook left Naomi's house shirtless, puts on one of Freddie's shirts. Cook gives Effy the notebook. JJ and Pandora find them in the clubhouse.
  • Pandora reveals she is going to Harvard on a History Scholarship. Later, Thomas says he's got a scholarship to Harvard thanks to his athleticism. They're going to the same place!!
  • Naomi's mum is on her way home. Naomi says, "It's all over." The series almost is!
  • Karen, JJ and Cook dance to Kylie's "Can't Get You Out of My Head". They're having a birthday party for absent Freddie in the shed. Effy invites Katie, Emily, Naomi and Thomas.
  • They play a truth game. Naomi tells Emily that she loved her since she was 12, and she became a sarcastic bitch and pushed people away to deal with her feelings. She bought the tickets to Goa for them both. She's been pushing her away because she doesn't want to be a slave to the way she feels for Emily. Naomi lays all her feelings out there and Emily forgives her.
  • Cook sees John Foster hanging around near the house and follows him back to his house, breaking in. He snoops around and finds blood stained clothes. Finds Freddie's stuff in plastic bags. John shows up and they confront each other. John tells Cook he doesn't deserve Effy, that he does. Cook goes to attack him and it cuts to black.

I think we all know that Cook's going to avenge Freddie's death, he totally became the hero there. So, that's the end of that cast! I'd love to hear what you think's going to happen to the characters in the comments, as well as hear your thoughts about the series finale.

The cast discuss the series:

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