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Marsha2433230 Marsha2433230 5 years
she looks so pretty i think she will be a great mother haters r just mean leave her alone.................  
sunnyheart sunnyheart 5 years
I think Jerrica is a good guess for the name... it isn't too out there, you instantly understand, but it's nontraditional. If the woman wants to pose, fine by me... mostly I think the belly button looks odd... not popped at all for someone so far along.
jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
I have a bridge or some air for sale if you're interested
zanzara zanzara 5 years
Ibet it's WHITNEY
ugar ugar 5 years
 @chasha  @bellabretagne I think people with an open mind will do what they want.
ugar ugar 5 years
 @joeysnotoriogirl When I was pregnant, I gained 68 lbs. My doctor kept telling me to gain because I wasn't gaining enough in the beginning.  No way she could have been having a difficult pregnancy.  She looks too good and has been too busy.  What you are saying proves that you don't know much about pregnancy.
ugar ugar 5 years
 @Papacciola Did you say that your mommie looked like that?
ugar ugar 5 years
 @CandyAppleRed13 You must be talking about yourself.  Probably nothing sexy about you either. Now that's subjective isn't it?
ugar ugar 5 years
 @jrosenberg02 So what? People do what they want.  If you don't like it, then it's your red wagon. How do you look. animated?
ugar ugar 5 years
 @Chrissy2408186 You sound like a bimbo. People do what they want to do. If you don't like it, then why are you here.
ugar ugar 5 years
 @jaan_black I bet you she isn't even thinking about Vanessa & Nick. It seems as if Vanessa is the one calling her name all the time. Get over it, Jess is living her life.  She could care less about V&N. Move on.  They both have their own separate lives. Jess has always wished them the best of everything, but only when people asked her a question about them. Vanessa can look like whoever she wants. I am sure Jess and myself could care less. You must be some kid because you sound like one.
ugar ugar 5 years
 If you feel that way about her, then why are you here.
ugar ugar 5 years
Aw, you haters get over it.  Some of you sound like you have never been pregnant. The stretch marks come after pregnancy.  If you keep your baby bump lotioned down, You don't have to worry about  stretch marks.. She does what she wants. Stop being judgmental.  I think she looks very beautiful.  It's takes a person with a very open mind to do this. If you don't like her or what you see,  then why are you here.
sevencostanza sevencostanza 5 years
good it just me or is that second picture so terribly awkward!
joeysnotoriogirl joeysnotoriogirl 5 years
Obviously it's never occured to any of you that most women gain more than 30lbs in their first pregnancy the average is 45. Maybe Jessica has had a difficult pregnancy and wanted to document it for her fans the photos were taken in early-mid february so she's about 7.5 months pregnant in them and all photos for magazines are air brushed and always have been so get over it. she looks beautiful and will be a wonderful mom when her daughter is born. a 10lb baby isn't huge at all Carlo Nero was 12lbs 5oz at birth and that was 1969 Jessica only loks so big because she's short and the baby is probably Breach like Pink's daughter Willow was
chasha chasha 5 years
 @bellabretagne Absolutely, real body just like the rest of us but I think the point of most comments is that even Jessica Alba would have gotten the same flack had she posed nude, preganant for a mag cover.  Regardless of what she looks like, this is a special, private family moment.  I would think anyone in her position would value what could be kept private.  Clearly there were other motivating factors at work here.....$$$$$$ if she doesn't have enough.
sevencostanza sevencostanza 5 years
dang...that second picture is a little awkward to say the least for a pregnancy photo shoot.
deegibbons deegibbons 5 years
 @bellabretagne I am with you! 
chasha chasha 5 years
this may be beautiful to the people involved, and rightfully so, but to put it on a mag cover....really not necessary.  It was tacky when Demi Moore did it, and everyone else that followed.  I don't get the motive, besides attention.
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