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Quiz: Which British Actor Should Be Your Boyfriend

Quiz: Which British Actor Is Basically Your Future Husband?

Are you more of a Hiddleston girl or a Cumberbitch? Perhaps Idris Elba's your dream man, or maybe Kit Harington has stolen your heart. Find out which of our favourite British actors is your ultimate love match by taking our quiz now!

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Pick a Box Set to Watch

Which Physical Feature Turns You On?

Dark Curly Hair
Piercing Blue Eyes
Facial Hair
Really Good Hair
Soulful Dark Eyes
A Cheeky Grin

Pick a Novel

Pick Your Poison

How Posh Do You Like 'Em?

I prefer down-to-earth Hackney boys
I prefer someone with a more interesting upbringing
I'm not fussed so long as he has a sexy accent
Not really posh
A bit posh
An old Etonian
A not so old Etonian
Possibly descended from royalty

Pick a Brand

Pick a Travel Destination

Rome, Italy
Barcelona, Spain
Positano, Italy
Toronto, Canada
Provence, France
Miami, USA

Pick a Fictional Character (or Creation)

Pick an Era

The 2010s
The Elizabethan Era
The 1930s
The 1980s
The 1990s
The 1960s
Medieval Times
The 1970s
The Regency

Which Leading Lady Makes You Most Jealous?

Latest Celebrity