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Quiz: Which British Film Should You Watch Tonight?

Which British Film Should You Watch This Christmas?

It's not Christmas without a Brit flick from the man who has romanticised the UK (and London in particular) for the last 20 years. From Four Weddings and a Funeral to Love Actually, Richard Curtis is the man behind some of our favourite British-made films, featuring some of our favourite stars. His rom-coms and schmaltzy dramas are perfect for cuddling up on the sofa and not thinking too much as we head towards Christmas. So take our quiz to find out which film from the king of Brit flicks you should be watching with your family this weekend.

Image Source: Everett Collection

Pick a location.

Pick a male lead.

Pick a female lead.

Pick your music.

Pick a distinguished thespian.

Choose your reference material.

Pick a "key piece."

Choose a tearjerking moment.

The death of a friend
The death of a family member
Parents splitting up
A war
The death of your partner
A nude photo scandal

Pick a BFF.

A massive flirt
A manic pixie dream girl
A bumbling fool
Your cool ex
A GBF, obvi
A horse
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