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Quiz: Which Made in Chelsea Boy Should You Date?

Which Made in Chelsea Boy Should You Date?

Series 9 ofMade in Chelsea starts tonight, and we're preparing to welcome a whole new set of posh kids to our TV screens. But there's still time to show your solidarity for a few of the more longstanding cast members. If you've yet to find out which Chelsea boy is your love match (or if you want to know whether Alik should dump Louise and date you) now is the time to find out. Featuring all the best guys from the current cast, it's time to discover which boi is your next boy!

And don't forget you can also discover your Made in Chelsea style soul mate, too!

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Someone tells you that your man cheated on you, how do you react?

You tell them to stop meddling and leave you alone
You get dramatic, crying and throwing a drink
You ask him if it's true, because you sincerely doubt it
You're fine with it
Really? HIM?
You cheated on him as well
Cheated on you? But you weren't really together properly.
You never expected it, and you're going to have it out with him
You ask for the girl's number and call her to check

Pick a Marilyn.

What career would your dream man have?

Broker by day, acoustic guitar God by night
Career? He doesn't need to work!
Something in the city that he doesn't talk about much
Leather manufacturer
All-round party boy
Fashion designer
He's still a student

Pick a male Disney character.

What does he do to impress you?

He takes you to play golf
He takes you for a cookery lesson
He whisks you off to Paris
He moves to your hometown
He make you a mixtape
Impress you? Why aren't you trying to impress him?
He designs you a t-shirt
He writes you a song
He makes his hair bigger

Which Made in Chelsea girl are you most like?

Pick a Chelsea word.

Hubba Hubba

What quality is most important in a man?

Nice eyes
Big hair

What's his worst habit?

An inability to keep still
Telling on people. All the time
Getting so drunk he forgets what he's done the night before
Cheating frequently
Judging people
Saying one thing and meaning another
An inability to pronounce the names of drinks correctly
Extreme passiveness
Taking things a bit too seriously
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