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Ramsay Bolton Tribute Video

A Tribute to Ramsay Bolton So Sweet, You'll Almost Forget What an Assh*le He Was

Out of all the characters who've kicked the bucket on Game of Thrones, the least deserving of a heartfelt tribute video is Ramsay Bolton — unless, of course, it's in honour of actor Iwan Rheon's flawless portrayal of the love-to-hate character. But that didn't stop someone from creating a video homage to Bolton, dubbing him a "caring husband" and "genuine friend." The romanticised portrayal of the departed Warden of the North is so cheesy-sweet that you'll almost forget how awful of a human being he was . . . almost. (Though we're guessing that Sansa and Theon would have no trouble recalling his negative traits!)

RIP Ramsay .. one of the nicest guys in Game of Thrones

*Spoiler* In loving memory of.. one of the only guys I admired in GOT! <sniff>

Posted by Piyush Sharma on Tuesday, June 21, 2016
Image Source: HBO
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