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Recap Of Gossip Girl Season Two, Episode One "Summer Kind Of Wonderful"

Pop Watch: Gossip Girl, Ep 1 "Summer Kind Of Wonderful"

Finally, it's back!! Did you watch the mostly hilarious premiere episode of season two of Gossip Girl like I did last night? There was a whole lot of plot, and the conversation exchanges were at times mind-boggling. Honestly, I'd forgetten how fast these characters talk — I'm sure I missed some one-liners while I was still laughing at the previous comments. The first three minutes of last night's episode were enough of a recap for anyone, so let's skip it and get to the episode itself.

  • Some of the Hamptons scenes looked gorgeous, like the shot of Chuck and Blair at Serena's grandmother's house under a grove of trees and the final scene of Dan and Serena on the beach with the fireworks overhead. So picturesque!
  • I'm still giggling at the way Dan and Serena handled their break-up. Serena was essentially "sitting Shiva," as Blair observed, and Dan was dating a different girl every night, according to Jenny. Really? Dan as a player?? Hmm!

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  • Nate's affair with the married woman: not much to say, other than we see his chest a lot. Never a bad thing.
  • Serena's grandmother is now on the side of good (helping Dan) and Rufus is on tour with his band and making fun of Jack Johnson.
  • You know, every heavy, unrequited love-type scene between Blair and Chuck had me baffled. Obviously when they're snapping at each other and scheming, it's a lot of fun. And honestly? I just kinda love them
  • Blair was chock-full of newly minted Chuck-isms including: "Damn that mother-Chucker" and "Chuck Bass-tard." I really loved both of those lines.
  • Another amazing line from Blair came when Serena's lifeguard date showed up to take her out: "A honk instead of a knock? Did someone order a townie?"
  • OK, when Blair's man started talking in a British accent, I just about died of laughter. Then he said he was a Lord and... it was even better. So hilariously outrageous, and I LOVED every second of it. There were tears in my eyes.
  • Did you feel like there were many, many moments that could have ended last night's episode and kept you coming back for more? Like when Blair's man said "I'm a Lord," it should have faded to black. Are you glad it's all tidied up before the kids head back to school in the city? Or do you think it was a little too fast-moving?

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