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Recap and Review of Skins, Series Three, Episode Three "Thomas"

Pop Watch: Skins — Series Three, Episode Three "Thomas"

I really enjoyed Skins this week, and I think it was the best episode so far this series with a genuinely likable character at the centre of it. I adored the new addition to the gang — Thomas — and we had cameos from Mackenzie Crook, David Baddiel (!) and the marvellous Maureen Lipman. I can't wait to hear what you thought of Thomas and this week's episode, so make sure you let me know in the comments. Here are some of my thoughts:

  • First up, don't forget to take FabUK's awesome style quiz about this very episode!
  • Thomas and his lovely smile arrived alone in the UK from the Congo. He found himself an abandoned flat on a local Bristol estate for him and his family who were on their way. Unfortunately local "gangster" Johnny from last week's episode takes it upon himself to be his his new landlord, and asks for £300 rent.
  • How amusing were Johnny's henchmen throughout the episode? From the banter in the flat while they were threatening Thomas, to the end of the episode where they disagreed with his tough talk, I found them endlessly entertaining!
  • Thomas met Pandora and Effy, and helped the latter look after Pandora when she got sick. After he got a job as caretaker at the college and Pandora saw him crying in the gym, she took him back to her aunt's house for tea and scones.

To read more of my thoughts and to read your own, just read more.

  • The scene in the job centre where Thomas listed everything he'd done at home, which was all completely disregarded once he'd got here made a great point, I thought.
  • Pandora and Thomas — did you find them cute or too clueless as a couple? I really like the idea of them I have to say. Who knows if it will continue though...
  • Maureen Lipman played Pandora's aunt, who seemed clueless that the tea she was growing in her mansion's back garden was actually marijuana. Enterprising Thomas offers to sell some "tea" for her so he can get the money to pay Johnny and his henchman his "rent".
  • Most telling Effy line of the episode? "I don't try."
  • Pandora and Effy got the boys, twins and Naomi involved to help him shift the drugs faster at a party that Cook got them access to — literally underground.
  • Unfortunately there was Johnny, angry that Thomas was stepping on his turf and out to get him. Thomas escaped by pretending to be a member of the group rapping on stage as entertainment, and it turned out he was pretty good, rapping in his native language French.
  • Meanwhile Effy's mum is having an affair with David Baddiel (or Steve, who he plays), who happens to be Effy's dad's line manager.... eek. So it's not a happy time for Effy.
  • Johnny catches up with the gang after the party and spies Cook who he threatened to kill last episode if he ever saw him again. Thomas stepped up and challenged him to a fight, with any weapon Johnny chose, if he left them alone.
  • Johnny chose.... chillis. Luckily Thomas's mother grew them in the back yard where he grew up and he can eat handfuls of the tiny ones with no problem. So he wins them safe harbour from Johnny!
  • While they're celebrating (donuts, drinking and drugs) and Pandora's offering herself to him, his mother showed up early and — no! — told him he had to return home as he was a disgrace.
  • We last saw him at the airport... while elsewhere Pandora cried. Sob...

Next week we'll be focusing on Pandora in episode four, but back to this week. What did you think? Did you love Thomas as much as I did? And what did you think of the storylines this week, let me know!


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