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Recap Of Secret Diary Of A Call Girl Episode Eight Finale Which Aired On ITV2 On Thursday 23 October

Pop Watch: Secret Diary Of A Call Girl, Season Two, Ep. Eight

So the second series of Secret Diary of a Call Girl came to an end last night. In the season that saw Billie Piper have to cover up her growing baby bump, it's fitting that the actress should give birth to her son in the week the series ends. Congrats Billie!

Enough of Bille, though: let's get back to Belle. The episode starts with Belle brushing her teeth next to Alex, so the making up that started in last week's episode has obviously been going well. She thinks to herself this could be it; this could be enough for the rest of her life. Hmm, methinks it won't be as easy as that. Madame Stephanie rings the buzzer offering Belle £1,000 for one last job, but she turns her down. The couple leave for work and as soon as Alex disappears Belle sneaks back into her flat, as she's quit her job. Rebuilding the relationship with lies isn't going to work now, is it?

To read my thoughts on the rest of the episode just read more.

  • Good old Ben tries to help Belle with her work situation, and suggests she becomes a writer. Once on her own, she writes a first sentence on to her computer and the room behind her fills with the action that she's writing about. Although I haven't been a fan of the illusion scenes this series (where the characters conjure up others), I really like this device here. The text she's typing flashes up on our screen as she writes about the one client she can't give up: Ashok. While she's been writing, Alex has been visiting her office, and has discovered she's left. Uh-oh.
  • Ben's arranged a meeting with a publisher, but after all that we see Belle's actually only written one sentence. Although she's wary, as she's concerned about revealing what she does to the world, she goes to the meeting with Ben. However, as they're waiting she accuses him of pushing her into it just so he can feel OK about her escorting, gets herself into a state, and walks out before she gets a chance to meet with the publisher.
  • Belle meets Stephanie to find out more about this client who wants to see her one last time. He's upped his offer to £5,000 and Belle decides to go for it, even though Bambi tries to talk her out of it. Belle's really unkind to Bambi, so Bambi heads over to Ben's bar and has a good moan about it. They both want to stop her from making a big mistake.
  • Back at her flat, Belle gets a biscuit box down from a high shelf and reveals a hidden compartment which contains some suitably Belle-like lingerie she kept hold of; ah these escorts, they're wily ones, aren't they? She turns up to the hotel with her big hair and slinky pink dress, and who should open the door to her? ...
  • ... yep, you've guessed it. Alex. Although I saw this one coming, it was still a quick-intake-of-breath moment when he's revealed as the supposed client. They have an honest conversation and it's clear she's missed the thrill of the work. Alex says she loves the job more than she loves him, and that when she stopped a light went out. He says he wanted Hannah not Belle, and she insists they're one and the same. With this calm and mature discussion, Alex has redeemed himself a bit after his initial awful reaction.
  • Bambi and Ben turn up at the hotel to comfort Belle, and then we're left with Belle and Ben. She says he can stay, that she won't touch him. He says: "Good, you're a terrible sh*g". Heh. Good old Ben. That's who you should be with, Belle. As the episode ends, Belle starts writing...

  • At the very end we get a little look ahead to "The Next Chapter" woop! We see Belle with dark hair at a TV studio, getting ready for an interview. Bambi's there, saying Belle looks like a transvestite, and trusty Ben is present too. Belle slips on a pair of shades and starts the interview, which we discover is to promote the publication of her book. Facing the camera, she slips the shades off when asked if she'll give up escorting now she has this new career, and says: "Never. A girl's got to do her research". Then smiles. Love it.

So there's my recap and opinion on the final episode. What are your thoughts? Did you enjoy this season, and the introduction of Alex and Bambi? Are you excited for "The Next Chapter"? Do tell!

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