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Recap Of Secret Diary Of A Call Girl Episode Four Which Aired On ITV2 On Thursday 25 September

Pop Watch: Secret Diary Of A Call Girl, Season Two, Ep. Four

We get a ridiculous threesome, an awkward meeting between the boyfriend and the best friend, and a leopard print thong in this week's installment of Secret Diary of a Call Girl. All in a normal day's work for an independent escort, it seems.

Episode four starts off with Belle in bed with young attractive Alex, thinking to herself how complicated sex has become. Looking at the clock, Belle realises she's going to be late for her client — the first one in six days — and gives a funny excuse to Alex about meeting a made up friend called Jemima for lunch who is in fact so horrible he shouldn't go with her. Belle certainly has the capacity to think on her feet, but her lies must surely be making Alex suspicious by now.

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  • A lunch with Horrible Jemima is in fact a threesome with Bambi and a seedy nightclub owner called Martin who's a middle-aged, northern 1970s throwback. Inexperienced Bambi's got her period, so Belle comes to the rescue, yet again, and steals a sponge from the housekeeper's trolley.

  • Bambi and Belle get down to it for Martin's pleasure, and as Belle says to the camera, Bambi looks ridiculous with her writhing and fake moans. Martin strips to reveal his leopard print thong and tries to get involved, but Belle can't stop picturing Alex and has to leave. I have to admit, this whole over-active imagination thing that we've also seen in episode one and episode three is getting on my nerves.
  • Later on, Belle meets up with Ben and they chat about Alex. Ben's annoyed that she hadn't told him about her new relationship yet and they bicker about it. Hmm, methinks Ben is getting jealous. What do you reckon? Belle says it's no big deal anyway, it's just a bit of fun. That's why you're picturing Alex whilst with clients then, is it Belle? You're not fooling us! Ben says he'll only meet Alex if Belle tells Alex the truth, but then he caves in and agrees to lunch with the couple.

  • We get some great shots of London's South Bank as Belle and Alex stroll alongside the river. Alex is very keen to meet Ben, but gets suspicious when Belle wants them to go back to his place again, and not hers. There's only so long you can keep your profession from him Belle, just 'fess up! Belle decides to take him to her flat, but her cover is almost blown when they see Bambi outside and she starts talking about clients. Doh.
  • Belle manages to get rid of Alex by pretending Bambi's a friend with a drinking problem, and the two girls have a glass of wine together. Bambi wanted to give Belle her share of the threesome money, and she wants to hang out at Belle's again. Methinks Bambi doesn't have a happy home life, or many friends. Even with her incessant "babes" I am warming to her, especially when she offers to meet Alex. She's so keen to get into Belle's gang, bless her.
  • So finally, Alex and Ben meet. Belle is running late so the two men make awkward small talk and find they have very little in common. Apart from Belle, that is. She finally arrives and makes fun of Ben, saying he comes out in a rash when he drinks wine and he's too small to play rugby. This really riles him, and so he starts telling Belle that Alex thinks she's leading a double life. It looks like Ben's about to drop a bombshell, but in the end he just says Belle's a spy for MI5. Alex excuses himself to take a call and Belle and Ben row, and Ben walks out.
  • Alex tells Belle he thinks Ben is in love with her, which she can't believe. I think you've got one thing right here, Alex. He reveals just how much he likes her, and that he wants to be in her life, meet her friends and family, see her flat etc, but he doesn't think she wants that kind of relationship. Belle answers his doubts by saying "I love you". Realising what she's done, Belle then faces the camera and says "F*ck". What's going to come of this web of lies and all this love triangle business? I'm intrigued.

So there's my recap and opinion on the fourth episode. What are your thoughts?

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