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Recap Of Secret Diary Of A Call Girl Episode Six Which Aired On ITV2 On Thursday 9 October

Pop Watch: Secret Diary Of A Call Girl, Season Two, Ep. Six

Last night's episode of Secret Diary of a Call Girl gave us quite a bit of action as well as an array of fancy dress costumes (with a sex party twist, naturally). My request last week for Bambi to return was answered, and she was the star of the show for me.

So episode six begins with Belle meeting up with her former madame, Stephanie (played by Cherie Lunghi, who is currently appearing on Strictly Come Dancing). After her messy breakup with Alex Belle wants to throw herself into her work, so Stephanie sends her and Bambi off to a diplomat's party in the country. When they arrive they're met by a group of poshos in fairy tale themed fancy dress, and change into their costumes: Rapunzel for Belle, and Little Red Riding Hood for Bambi.

To read my thoughts on the rest of the episode just read more.

  • As always, Belle advises Bambi on how to work the situation: in this case, a sex party. She tells her to find someone she likes the look of, and then delivers the line of the episode for me, saying: "This is the difficult bit: the transition from small talk to f*cking". Heh.
  • Bambi finds her man (James Bond — he clearly didn't get the memo re. the fairy tale theme) and they go to a private room. He reveals he has a gun, and it's a real one that's loaded. Ohmygoodness Bambi, how do you always managed to pick the most dangerous person possible?
  • Belle, on the other hand, chooses a rather nice looking man who's come as Prince Charming. They leave all the other people having sex in the room and go somewhere a bit more private. Things start off well, but then this so-called Prince Charming locks the door, ties Belle's hands and gets aggressive when she says she doesn't want to be tied up. Uh-oh. How will Belle escape?

  • In quite the role reversal, good old Bambi saves the day. She hears Belle's screams and grabs the gun, shooting the lock off the door and holding the gun at Prince Charming until he lets them go! They run into the garden while being chased by the unpleasant men, but manage to escape into the neighbouring woods. Where do they go from here, though?
  • Belle's gut instinct is to call Ben for help (although she doesn't want to explain what happened, going for a breezy tone on the phone instead!) and he agrees to come and pick them up. While they're waiting, Bambi tells Belle she should tell Alex how she feels. Looks like their friendship is becoming much more equal, with each of them supporting and advising the other. Ben picks them up and returns them to safety, hurrah.
  • Back at Belle's flat, Ben and Belle relax and she tries to tell him a joke, but can't get the punchline right. Still shaken from the experience, Belle asks Ben to stay the night (sleeping on the sofa). She gets up in the middle of the night to tell him the proper punchline, and they start to cuddle. Cuddling leads to kissing leads to ...
  • ... Belle and Ben waking up together in bed in the morning. Ohmygoodness. Belle apologises and the episode ends. I'm totally torn about his latest development. I said in my recap of the first episode that I wanted these two to get back together, and I do prefer Ben to Alex, but I couldn't help but scream "Noooo!" at the television. I'm intrigued about how this love triangle will develop. Who do you want Belle to end up with?

So there's my recap and opinion on the sixth episode. What are your thoughts?

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