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Recap Of Secret Diary Of A Call Girl Episode Three Which Aired On ITV2 On Thursday 18 September

Pop Watch: Secret Diary Of A Call Girl, Season Two, Ep. Three

Last night's installment of Secret Diary of a Call Girl shows us what happens when a client's wife finds out about the "other woman" that Belle is paid to be, and we also get to see Belle's complicated relationship with young attractive Alex develop further.

The episode starts with Belle/Hannah on a Saturday afternoon date at the movies with Alex. She doesn't know how to behave and is suitably awkward, although not quite so much as that hilarious first date in episode two. Belle doesn't know how to be a girlfriend, even though she gets paid £400 for the GFE — Girlfriend Experience — which involves chatting and cuddling. Her next client, Tony, is one of these GFE types, but things get tricky when his wife turns up on Belle's doorstep. Uh-oh.

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  • Tony's wife thinks Belle's having an affair with her husband (real name Matt), and when Belle explains the real situation wifey runs to the bathroom to vomit! Alex calls and engages in some flirty banter with Belle, but she hangs up when wifey reappears with a bleeding hand. The two women have a frank conversation about what men really want, but when she finds Belle's sex toys she throws up yet again.
  • Bambi struts her way to Belle's and is full of excitement as she gives her a present from Balenciaga. She's now signed up with madam Stephanie and is loving the money and the attention, but Belle warns her not to get carried away. That's all we get to see of Bambi this episode, and although I found her pretty annoying to begin with, I'm now more intrigued and would like to see how her character develops.
  • Ben and Belle have a chat about Alex, but Ben is definitely all tied up with Vanessa and won't go for a drink with Belle, much to her annoyance. It seems to me like Ben is just being used as a plot device this series, and I'd like to see more of the complexities of his relationship with Belle come out in future installments.

  • Alex calls Belle again and she hangs up on him after a few minutes, yet again, when she finds Tony/Matt on her doorstep. He wants her sympathy to help deal with his wife's anger, but Belle explains he'll have to pay her if he wants her time, telling the camera that the escort/client relationship needs clear boundaries.
  • As Belle starts to get down to it with Tony/Matt she starts picturing his wife standing along side them, which completely puts her off and she tells him they can no longer see each other. This device was used in the first episode too, when Belle imagined what her family would say to her if they knew about her profession, and whilst I liked it then, I'm not overly fond of it being repeatedly used. What do you think of the device?
  • Finding out about the complexity of her client's marriage makes Belle even more confused about relationships, and she goes to Alex's flat to break up with him. He refuses to allow her to finish things, and when she says she's a very private person he says that's fine, he doesn't want to know everything about her. Hmm, we'll see if he changes his tune when he does find out. They consummate their relationship and Belle leaves for her 9.30 client with a grin on her face. Alex calls her again (this guy is incredibly eager!) and says he hopes she's thinking of him. If he knew she was with another man, maybe he wouldn't.
  • The preview for next week's episode has got me excited, as I felt last night's installment dragged a bit. The short teaser shows Ben telling Belle she has to come clean to Alex, so I'm looking forward to seeing how that revelation goes. I'm still enjoying watching Belle negotiate the difficulties of dating, but it does feel time to move the plot on now and see how Alex reacts when faced with the truth.

So there's my recap and opinion on the third episode. What are your thoughts?

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