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Recap Of Secret Diary Of A Call Girl Episode Two Which Aired On ITV2 On Thursday 11 September

Pop Watch: Secret Diary Of A Call Girl, Season Two, Ep. Two

The second episode of Secret Diary of a Call Girl packed a lot in, giving us an amusing first date, a dangerous encounter and plenty of shots of Belle's breasts (although pregnant Billie Piper used body doubles for a lot of the nude scenes).

The episode starts with Belle at the plastic surgeon's office, considering whether or not to have a boob job. The doctor and nurse tell her she has "tuberous breasts", which means they're long rather than round and pert — way to make a woman feel great about her body, right? It turns out the plastic surgeon is a client of Belle's, and he arranges to see her. Belle's in two minds about whether to have the operation, but muses that if she did go ahead at least she could claim it back against tax. Heh.

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  • Belle listens to a voicemail from young attractive Alex, who's still keen to go on a date. Although it's clear she really likes him, she continues to ignore his calls and tells herself she can't go on a normal date because she's a prostitute. Like I said in my recap of this season's opener, I think this series will be all the better for a new love interest, as it will add a new dimension to Belle/Hannah's struggle living dual lives.
  • Bambi pops up again (I can see there's going to be no getting away from her this series), and is suitably annoying again. Belle takes her to see her former madam Stephanie (played by Cherie Lunghi, who is currently dancing with James Jordan in the new season of Strictly Come Dancing). Stephanie and Belle have an amusingly catty exchange, which results in Bambi deciding she wants to go it alone as an independent escort. This is obviously not going to work out.

  • Although Belle refuses to be Bambi's mentor (or "men whore", as Bambi quips), she does offer to give her advice and shows Bambi her website. When Alex phones yet again, Bambi convinces Belle to answer and go on a date, but while Belle's out of the room Bambi (yet again) steals a client who has contacted Belle, even though Belle had explained this emailer wasn't a suitable client. It's clear Bambi's going to get herself in to trouble with all this and I haven't warmed to her character yet.
  • Belle meets the plastic surgeon as her client this time, but he's unable to, ahem, perform. She jokes that her "spaniel's ears" are putting him off, but he admits he's too distracted thinking about how she wants to change her body — he likes her because she's normal. He lightens the mood by messing about with a pen, writing "Please don't cut me" across her chest and drawing a moustache on her top lip. Then he drops a bombshell, telling Belle he wants to continue seeing her, not her replacement who answered the phone to him before. Ha, busted Bambi! Belle leaves a furious message for Bambi and then heads out on her "real" date with Alex.
  • Alex and Belle's date is the highlight of the episode for me, as it's full of those hilariously awkward first date moments, as well as some more unusual exchanges (like the fact that Belle still has the remains of the drawn-on moustache on her top lip!). I like this guy, what about you? They get drunk and start having a great, flirty time but then Belle receives a frantic phone call from Bambi who's in trouble with her stolen client.
  • Belle rushes to the hotel and finds Bambi alone, as the man had left. As Bambi gets dressed we see that she's got scars on the top of her arm — probably from self harm cutting — but she tells Belle not to worry, they're from ages ago. She wants to sleep at Belle's place that night, and when she gets in to bed with no makeup on she looks really young and vulnerable. I'm starting to find her more interesting now.
  • The episode ends like it began, with Belle looking at her body in the mirror. This time, however, she's saying that although the job may be taking over her life, at least one thing's still Hannah's. Well, two things.

So there's my recap and opinion on the second episode. What are your thoughts? Stay tuned for my thoughts and rundown of the third episode, which airs on Thursday.

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