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Recap of Skins Series Four, Episode One "Katie" Featuring Kaya Scodelario, Kathryn Prescott, Lily Loveless, Megan Prescott

Pop Watch: Skins — Series Four, Episode Four "Katie"

After the madness of Cook's episode last week, it was time to look at another seemingly confident, outspoken character in Skins this week — Katie. We got to see some softer moments as her family faced troubles and she faced her own personal upset. Check out my recap under the cut and let me know your thoughts on this episode!

Spoiler alert! If you've seen the episode or want to catch up, just read more.

  • After her periods stopped, Katie went for a pregnancy test but was told she's actually going through a premature menopause. She broke up with her boyfriend.
  • Her dad has been lying to her mum about paying bills, which means the house was about to be repossessed.
  • After they're made homeless, Katie suggests that the family stays at Naomi's house while they get settled.
  • When they arrive, Emily and Naomi are having a barbecue with the gang. Thomas can see that Katie's unhappy.
  • Emily gets wasted and starts kissing another girl in front of Naomi, there's a huge argument and Naomi confesses to what happened at the start of the series — the affair and selling the drugs to Sophia. It becomes an argument between Emily and her family, and Katie ends up slapping her sister.
  • To relax, Katie goes to have a bath. Thomas gets locked in the bathroom with her and they have a really good talk, and eventually kiss. He's the first person that she tells that she can't have children and they agree to be friends. I thought this was a really nice moment, definitely endearing Katie to me.
  • Underlining that at the end of the day they're family, Emily's crying on a bed in the house and Katie finds her and comforts her.
  • Katie then goes with the family to see her mum, finally tells her she can't have kids and that her mum just wasn't there when she needed her. Katie tells her to stop pushing the family away. The episode ends with the family reunited, eating pizza in their old house, which is now up for auction.

What did you think of the episode? I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

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