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Review of Sarah Silverman Jesus Is Magic DVD

Pop A DVD In: Sarah Silverman Jesus Is Magic

Sarah Silverman's feature length stand up show Jesus Is Magic has finally been released in the UK this week, having been filmed all the way back in 2004. Rather than just a recorded routine, her performance is interspersed with outside sketches and songs.

The Emmy Award winning stand up comic may have come to your attention following her and then-boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel's ongoing joke about f*cking Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.

Words often associated with Sarah include shocking, provocative and controversial, and as her central themes are politically incorrect comments about race, sex and religion, this brand of humour is definitely an acquired taste.

Those of you who enjoy this kind of comedy will find the DVD hilarious, with several of those moments when you groan, laugh, cover your face and feel that strange mixture of horror and humour. I had some issue with the format, but on the whole I enjoyed the show and the great array of extras.

To find out what aspects disappointed and what really worked just read more.

I would have preferred a recorded stand up routine, without the off-stage sketches and framing device. Because the opening is used to set up the reason behind the stand up show, it takes quite a long time to get to the jokes, and I really don't think it's necessary to frame it in this way.

Those aspects don't take up a huge amount of time, though, and the parts with Sarah's understudy are pretty funny. The songs are hilarious too, even though it's a little jarring to be pulled out of the theatre at regular intervals. I can't help but think that Sarah couldn't resist the opportunity to dress up in all the different outfits and take on different personas, but fortunately the musical numbers bring more laughs.

The DVD has a great array of extras, which include: an Audio Commentary with director Liam Lynch and Sarah Silverman; Behind-The-Scenes Footage; “Give The Jew Girl Toys” Video; and the Theatrical Trailer.

If you want more Sarah then you'll be pleased to know she's taking over our country! Not only is the DVD out now, Sarah will be appearing at the Hammersmith Apollo on Sunday before the first series of The Sarah Silverman Program airs on Paramount Comedy 1 from Monday onwards. Our friends in the US are already enjoying the second season, so fans will be pleased to know there's more coming our way.

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