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Rihanna Called Out For Stealing Wine Glasses Video

Rihanna Finally Gets Called Out For Stealing Wine Glasses, and You'll Love Her Response

From Jamie Dornan gluing wig hair to his privates to David Beckham's reaction to Harper on a football field, Graham Norton certainly has a knack of getting scoop from his famous guests — and while we all knew of Rihanna's tendency to take her wine to-go, never has the musician been called out for it publicly. Joining The Graham Norton Show's red sofa on Thursday night to promote Ocean's 8 alongside her charismatic costars, the host was quick to point out Rihanna's "criminal" behaviour with a slew of evidence showing Rihanna leaving clubs, hotels, and fashion shows with her chosen loot. Her response? "My mum is gonna see this.". Never change, RiRi.

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