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Robbie Williams's Full-Frontal Break the Internet Picture

Now It's Robbie Williams's Turn to #BreakTheInternet

Robbie Williams is no stranger to causing controversy on social media. After he live tweeted (and vlogged) the birth of his son, Charlton Valentine, last year, now he's trying to follow in the footsteps of Kim Kardashian and #BreakTheInternet to celebrate his birthday. Rob posted a not-quite-full-frontal picture on Twitter this morning, accompanied by one of his straight-to-the-point captions: "Do you think my bell-end can #BreakTheInternet on my birthday?"

So far it's not had quite the same level of reaction as Kim's magazine shoot, but favourites and retweets are into the thousands. Maybe he should remove his hands and see if that helps things along?!

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