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Roundup Of The Latest Entertainment News Stories — Heidi Klum Is Pregnant With Fourth Child

Sugar Bits — Seal Confirms Heidi Klum Is Pregnant

  • Seal confirmed on stage in New York last night that Heidi Klum is pregnant, after their rep also confirmed the news. Congrats! — Daily Mail
  • Adele will appear as herself in an episode of Ugly Betty, performing at a photo shoot which Betty, Marc and Matt are working on. — Newsbeat
  • The makers of Slumdog Millionaire are going to donate £500,000 to a charity to help children living in the slums of Mumbai. — BBC
  • The Queen has been voted Britain's most trusted public figure in a YouGov study. Stephen Fry is the most trusted media personality, followed by Martin Lewis and Jamie Oliver, while Chris Moyles is the least trusted. Gary Lineker and David Beckham are the most trusted in sport. — Telegraph
  • A chef who vandalised Jay Kay's Ferrari Enzo has been jailed at Ipswich Crown Court for 20 weeks after admitting he damaged the car in Suffolk. — PA
  • Pictures of Madonna in a car with Jesus Luz taken just days before she flew into Malawi has sparked speculation the couple are back together. — Daily Mail


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