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Rundown of Brothers & Sisters Series 2 Episode 10 "The Feast of Epiphany" which Aired 11pm Sunday 1 June 2008 on E4

Pop Watch: Brothers & Sisters, Ep 10 "The Feast of Epiphany"

This week’s episode of Brothers & Sisters was all about whether or not you should tell the truth, even when the truth would hurt someone – a pretty appropriate topic for most of the Walkers really, and a fair few truths came out.

Nora arranged a big family dinner so that her children could chaperone her “date” with Isaac (loving Nora’s dating nerves!) and, as is the case whenever the family get together en masse, a few secrets were revealed. Julia dropped a bombshell, Justin had a little something to say to his siblings, Robert admitted his thoughts about the future to Kitty, and Kevin came clean with Scotty.

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  • The episode started with Nora inviting Isaac for dinner with the family while he's in town with Kitty and Robert. Nora visits Sarah at Ojai to invite all of the kids to the dinner, although she's getting suspicious about why Tommy and Justin haven't been in the same room recently. Sarah does a funny little song to tease her Mum about Isaac, singing "Mum's hot for a Republican". Heh.
  • That David character who I got suspicious about last week was back again, chatting away with Rebecca telling her all about Holly as an actress. When Holly gets back he whispers to her "She's wonderful" — why is he so interested in Rebecca hmm? Rebecca invites him for dinner and it is awkward city — Holly tells him she doesn't trust him and tells him to leave. Later on in the episode Rebecca says what I've been thinking, asking Holly if David could be her father, but Holly's quick to deny it. I'm not convinced — are you?
  • Kevin was on funny form as usual when he attempted to mediate a truce between Tommy and Justin (who is still seeing Lena and keeping it quiet) so that the pair of them will go to Nora's dinner. He says "She thinks as a family we'll make a good impression — deluded, I know". Kevin's keeping a little secret himself though, having received an email from Jason to say he's coming back and wants to meet for lunch. Hmmm, this doesn't sound good for Scotty.
  • Kitty talks about wanting a baby with Robert, who avoids the conversation and gets on with trying to battle his new nickname of "Senator McWaffler". He arranges, on Isaac's suggestion, to attend a Q&A with a group of veterans to discuss his experience in the Gulf, which is pretty tricky at first but turns out well in the end. Robert also refuses to use Adamson's disabled son as a tool in his campaign — good for you Robert.
  • So the time comes for all the Walkers to gather for paella and Isaac toasts them, with Nora toasting Robert's campaign — the mother-in-law is starting to turn! Kitty asks the group if they knew the truth about something would they say, and Julia pipes up to say the truth isn't worth knowing if someone's going to get hurt. Interesting ...
  • Kitty and Robert head in to the kitchen to "talk" and Robert reveals to Kitty that he doesn't want children now. There are joined by the other siblings, with Justin admitting he's still seeing Lena, and Julia walks in just as Tommy says "Lena was a mistake". Oh my God! Everyone goes back to the table and Julia starts crying. Nora discovers what happened and says "You can't just sit there and cry. Yell at him or hit him. I'll come over there and hit him". Yay for Nora! But then Julia drops a bombshell — she slept with someone else too. Ohmygoodness!
  • The dinner ends well for Nora and Isaac though. He's enjoying her company and says "the truth sets you free". He also says he wants to go for dinner just the two of them (sounds like a much better plan!) and they hold hands. Awww. Do you prefer Nora with Isaac, or with Stan (Chevy Chase)?
  • After all the drama at dinner Sarah goes into Ojai on Sunday and Graham turns up with a packed lunch that he shares with her. Earlier in the episode he had invited Sarah to dinner but she wasn't in the mood to be won over easily and she asked him whether he'd ever cheated. I've had my doubts about Graham but I'm starting to warm to him. I'd love to see Sarah in a happy relationship.
  • With all the talk of truth and honesty the night before, Kevin calls Scotty the morning after the dinner party and tells him about his upcoming lunch with Jason. I'm relieved to see Kevin acting responsibly, but I'm concerned about the reappearance of Jason. Please don't let it be the end for Kevin and Scotty!
  • Also reeling from the previous evening's revelations, Tommy takes Lizzie round to see Nora, having talked with Julia about where they can go from there. He tells Nora that they're going to try to move past it and Nora reassures Tommy that he's not his father.
  • The episode ends with Kitty and Robert discovering that Adamson's stepped down from the Presidential race, having admitted that he had hidden his son away. I think that Robert's political campaign is an interesting addition to the show and stops it becoming too insular — what do you think about the political dimension?

So there are my opinions on this week's episode, but I'd love to hear your views. Share your thoughts with us, whether you've just watched it or you're reliving it all over again.

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