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Rundown of Brothers & Sisters Series 2 Episode 11 "The Missionary Imposition" which Aired 11pm Sunday 8 June 2008 on E4

Pop Watch: Brothers & Sisters 11, "The Missionary Imposition"

We had lots of relationship developments in last night's episode of Brothers & Sisters, with Jason returning to LA, Nora and Isaac's un-chaperoned date, Julia and Tommy's attempts to fix their relationship and Justin and Lena's complicated arrangement.

The episode started with Kitty on the phone to Nora, who is stressing because Isaac hasn't called. She turns up at his office to invite him for lunch, but as he's busy he invites her out to dinner. Yay! As she's trying on different dresses with Rebecca's help she delivers one of the best lines of the installment — as she tries on a too-small dress she says "These can't possibly be mine. How much weight can you lose in an hour and a half?". Heh.

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  • Justin and Lena start the episode making out, but she's finding it all a bit much as Justin's being tense. Justin later attends one of his meetings and the counsellor says she hopes he'll stand up and talk with his fellow addicts sometime soon. It's clear Justin is still really struggling.
  • Meanwhile Tommy and Julia are trying to make their relationship work — she gets into bed with new lingerie but Tommy's suspicious about whether she wore it when she had her fling. He is really making it hard work for Julia. She arranges to meet him for lunch at Ojai but they end up eating in as Tommy has a meeting and it is pretty awkward, what with Lena just the other side of the door. Unsurprisingly lunch goes badly and he is pretty mean to Julia when he gets home.
  • Kevin and Scotty are also having some problems, as Jason's back in town. Although Scotty says it's fine for Jason to come by Kevin's place for coffee he's clearly not happy. I'd forgotten just how handsome Jason is, but I'm still Team Scotty all the way! Scotty gets off work early and turns up with soft shell crabs and the trio endure an incredibly uncomfortable "tea party". They discuss the whole break up and new situation and it is awkward city in there. Kevin is so annoyed with Scotty once Jason's left that they have a huge row and Scotty walks out. Uh-oh.
  • Sarah, meanwhile, is dealing with Graham and his business suggestions. They go to San Francisco and share a load of banter, as all good TV relationships start off with, and they close the deal just how Sarah wanted it, thanks to Graham mentioning Robert — hope that doesn't come back to bite them. In the bar afterwards we get an indication that Sarah may well be interested in Graham, as she seems pretty miffed when he meets up with another woman called Yvonne and leaves her on her own. They make up once they're back in the office —Sarah is so into him!
  • Nora and Isaac have a lovely dinner date, with Isaac asking Nora how she is. When her response is all about her kids he pushes her on how she is and she says she has no idea! When Travis rings him Isaac says he won't be taking any more calls as he's dealing with something extremely important. Love Isaac and Nora! Later on she speaks to Kitty on the phone and her daughter tells her Isaac is "smitten". Yay!
  • Tommy and Lena have a chat at the office about the fact that neither one of them knows where their relationships are going, and when he says he can talk to her but he can't talk to Julia she gets the wrong idea and leans in for a kiss. Tommy freaks out and says he's in love with Julia, which prompts Lena to pack up her things and leave. Thank goodness! She tells Holly she won't sue them, and that she's screwed up, and Holly is pretty nice to her, saying Lena should use this opportunity to find something that's hers.
  • Tommy goes to see Justin at home and they build some bridges. When Tommy tells him that Lena kissed him Justin says she'd already told him and they'd broken up anyway, as he'd realised he was replacing his drug addiction with sex. Back at home Julia tells Tommy she thinks they need to see someone to help get things back on track and he says he'll do whatever it takes. Thank goodness for that!
  • It's the morning after the awkward tea party the night before and Kevin finds Scotty sleeping in his car. They share a really lovely make up scene, with Kevin telling Scotty how proud he was for crashing the meeting . Yay for Kevin and Scotty kissing and making up! But will it last, now that dreamy Jason's back in town? I so hope so.
  • The episode ends with Justin and Rebecca making nice, with Justin admitting that she was right all along and she says "I told you so", which he was totally waiting for! These two are so close and I'm getting vibes from Rebecca that she's hot for him. I hope mysterious David turns out to be her dad so that her and Justin can get together! It's a bit of a turnaround for me, but she's definitely growing on me. And growing her fringe out helps that immensely.

So there are my opinions on this week's episode, but I'd love to hear your views. Share your thoughts with us, whether you've just watched it or you're reliving it all over again.

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