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Rundown of Brothers & Sisters Series 2 Episode 12 "Compromises" which Aired 11pm Sunday 15 June 2008 on E4

Pop Watch: Brothers & Sisters, Ep 12 "Compromises"

Wow, lots happened in last night's episode of Brothers & Sisters. We didn't get any Justin or Tommy news but the rest of the Walkers were busy busy busy. Sarah and Kevin went out drinking while Kitty was playing step-mum to Robert's kids in Michigan and Rebecca was learning more about her mother and maybe-father David.

The karaoke bar scenes with Sarah and Kevin are great fun and a big highlight of the episode for me, but I also really enjoyed watching Kitty figure out how to be a step-mum to Robert's kids. There's also a couple of interesting kissy-kissies going on, but more of that later ...

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  • The episode began with Rebecca cooking with Nora and Justin. Nora starts talking about possible career paths for Rebecca, like cooking or photography, and she goes ahead and meets up with David to have herself a little photography lesson. They do some nice bonding and look through old pictures of Holly. Rebecca and Holly chat about David later on, with Rebecca telling her mum "he’s seriously in love with you". Still feeling a bit suspicious about her paternity Rebecca checks whether William and David ever overlapped, but Holly says no, she broke it off with William, started seeing David, broke that off in 1985 and went back to William. Hmmm.
  • Robert and Kitty head to Michigan ahead of Super Tuesday as Congressman Taylor is creeping up. Robert's stressing as he hasn’t seen Jason yet, or his kids since his wedding, so Kitty organises a surprise for him in Detroit and turns up with his family. Awww. They spend some time at a fairground and Robert relaxes but the kids have flu so Kitty takes them back to the hotel. Kitty's happy to begin with but then she gets sick and calls Nora for advice, who says “sometimes motherhood means sucking it up”. Heh. Things get worse with the kids squabbling, Jack destroying the bathroom and Sophie acting up, saying "my Mum has a dress just like this, except it’s bigger on top". Heh. So Kitty becomes, in her own words, the “evil step-mum”.

  • Nora and Saul have lunch – he’s feeling neglected and teases her about what their mum would think about her dating Isaac, but Nora wants Saul to talk to her. He doesn't. He does, however, go round to Milo's place to be greeted by Evan. He’s staying there while Milo is in Italy, and invites Saul in to give him Milo's hotel number. Evan’s broken up with his boyfriend, and says that Saul broke Milo’s heart a little bit.
  • Kevin and Scotty are at bar with Scotty's friends, who think Kevin's "uptight". Annoyed by this slight on his character, Kevin asks Sarah if he’s uptight. And the answer is yes! Sarah's annoyed too — not only has she got divorce papers to sign, but Joe’s taking Paula to Paris for her birthday. So Sarah wants to go out and commiserate with Kevin, “get savage” and “do what Walkers do best”: get drunk.
  • They end up at the same bar as Scotty and Sarah realises Kevin chose it because it's “one of those ‘prove him wrong’ nights”. Scotty looks over so Kevin says “quick have fun” — so funny. Drunk Kevin proves he's not uptight by singing some songs — Scotty's friends say he’s not uptight (when he’s drunk) and they don’t hate him so Scotty puts Justin out of his misery and brings him off stage.
  • Sarah sings herself some Cher at the karaoke and Scotty’s friends love her. Love them! With them telling her to get the divorce papers sent over right away to sign Sarah calls the office and Graham brings the papers over for her to sign. Ooh she goes in for the kiss and Graham says no as she’s drunk, but he goes for it anyways! The morning after we see Sarah tiptoeing around trying to leave unnoticed but Graham catches her and thinks it's highly amusing she has to do the walk of shame! Sarah, however, says there’s no shame here — she’s going to drive home with pride. And her bra, which Graham finds under the duvet!
  • Meanwhile Robert tries to get the Governer to endorse his campaign but he won't do it as Taylor is a man who holds a grudge. Robert is getting increasingly upset about the whole game-playing and speaks to Jason about it, who's annoyed himself as Travis reveals that it was Isaac who outed Jason and tells him to lay low. Uh-oh. Jason confronts Robert and they have it out, but make up later with Robert saying he wishes he was more like Jason and Jason says they’re both “making compromises for a greater purpose” and thinks they were both called to serve.
  • Things take a big turn for the better in Michigan as Kitty and Sophie make nice and then Robert and Jack play Uno with them. It's all going great and gets even better when Travis comes in to tell them Robert took Michigan. Big happiness all round. This extends to California too, as Isaac and Nora speak on the phone and he tells her he wants to see her and he misses her. Awww.
  • The big kiss and make up of the night goes to David and Holly. She visits him to thank him for everything he's doing with Rebecca, who is now thinking of enrolling in some college courses in photography. They reminisce about the past and David leans in and kisses her. Oh my!

So there are my opinions on this week's episode, but I'd love to hear your views. Share your thoughts with us, whether you've just watched it or you're reliving it all over again.

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