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Rundown of Brothers & Sisters Series 2 Episode 13 "Separation Anxiety" which Aired 11pm Sunday 22 June 2008 on E4

Pop Watch: Brothers & Sisters, Ep 13 "Separation Anxiety"

Now we're onto episode 13 of Brothers & Sisters certain storylines are coming to a head, and I'm getting rather excited about the whole Rebecca-paternity-issue. The big bombshell of last night's installment was that Isaac's returning to Washington DC for a Professorship and wants Nora to go with him.

We got straight down to it with a pretty hot and heavy opening last night, with Sarah and Graham making out, and Rebecca and Justin walking in on Holly and David getting frisky on the sofa. In the words of Big Brother twins Sam and Amanda, cringe! After all that heat we got sobered up pretty quickly, when the votes come in and Robert suspends his campaign to become the Republican candidate for President. We then see a longer-haired Robert on our screens "3 months later".

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  • Robert and his longer hair (I'm not a fan) and Kitty are in a fertility clinic where we find out they're going to be harvesting her eggs. We see that, now the Presidential race is over, Robert is committed to starting a family with Kitty. He injects her with her hormones and she gets funny about the needles.
  • When Kitty gets wind of Isaac's plan to ask Nora to move East with him the news spreads like wildfire as the siblings call each other to share their concerns. They gatecrash the "special dinner" and act surprised when Nora tells them about Isaac's proposal, and then are genuinely shocked when she says she's agreed to go. They're certainly not a happy bunch at the prospect of their Mum moving thousands of miles away, so the three male Walkers take Isaac out for a game of golf and a grilling about his health, finances and intentions. He tells them how much he loves her — awww.
  • Preparations are made for Rebecca’s 22nd birthday party, with Holly and Nora bonding as they attempt to make Rebecca’s birthday cake. Holly's acting weird, and gets even stranger when she sees the necklace David gives Rebecca. We find out it was his mother’s, and Holly thinks he’s implying Rebecca’s his daughter. Wouldn't you know it, this private conversation isn't so private as Justin overhears. Justin, that is, who is sporting a rather gorgeous longer beard and hairstyle. Yum.
  • Over at Ojai, Graham presents Sarah and Saul with an expansion plan which involves a big bank loan. I really hope this guy is legit — I'm starting to get a feeling that he's got bad intentions and is going to fleece them. We haven't had any big Ojai worries since the whole bankruptcy concern in Series 1, so we could be due a big fall. When Tommy walks in on Sarah and Graham getting smoochy at Rebecca's party he voices his concerns about the whole business-pleasure mix, which leads Sarah to tell Saul that they can’t do the deal, as she’s not objective because of her relationship with Graham. Phew.
  • At the party Sarah gives a funny toast to the birthday girl, saying: “Rebecca there are many reasons to celebrate this last year, not the least of which, those bangs have finally grown out”. Heh. Couldn't agree more! The non-Walkers leave the room so the siblings can tell Nora why she shouldn’t go and woah, Nora lays into them, saying she’s actually doing something for herself for once.
  • Kitty and Nora have a heart-to-heart in Nora's bedroom (they’ve been having a lot of them this series), as Kitty had voiced her concerns about Nora leaving to Isaac earlier, leading him to check with Nora and saying he was worried he rushed her into the decision. Nora says to Kitty maybe she is running away — she’s never been on her own, and never knows how she feels about something until she tells her kids about it. Kitty asks her to stay, and says she needs her. Nora and Isaac then meet up and he tells her he knows she can’t go to DC with him. Sob.
  • Holly admits to David that there is a possibility that Rebecca could be his daughter, but Rebecca might never recover from finding out the William might not be her father so she wants to keep it from her. Yeah, good luck with that one. No sooner do we hear that than we see Justin tell Rebecca how he saw Holly and David arguing over the necklace. Justin suggest she take a paternity test, but she doesn’t know if she can handle it so he offers to go with her; LOVE Justin. They are SO getting together. The pair take some DNA samples to be tested. She is definitely going to be David's daughter, don't you think?

  • Robert’s feeling down seeing Taylor on TV all the time, and Isaac reassures him that it isn't all over. Back at home, Robert injects Kitty with her hormones and he suggests they carry on in the bedroom, to which Kitty says “You’re such a Republican, if we were Democrats we would just be doing it on the couch”. Heh. Then they get a phone call; Taylor wants to meet with Robert. Kitty's convinced he’s reaching out to Robert for the Vice President spot. That will surely put their baby-making plans on the back burner.
  • Isaac calls Nora and she tells him she's been changing her mind every five minutes, which means she should stay. They don’t say goodbye, but “So long”. Poor Nora. Just move to the West, Isaac! Nora starts to call Kitty but hangs up, and sits down to eat dinner on her own, proving to herself she can be alone.

So there are my opinions on this week's episode, but I'd love to hear your views. Share your thoughts with us, whether you've just watched it or you're reliving it all over again.

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