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Rundown of Brothers & Sisters Series 2 Episode 14 "Double Negative" which Aired 11pm Sunday 29 June 2008 on E4

Pop Watch: Brothers & Sisters, Ep 14 "Double Negative"

Last night's episode of Brothers & Sisters finally gave us the answer to the Rebecca paternity question and about time too! We also got to see all the Walkers come together for a fundraiser and for once they didn't disgrace themselves publicly.

Various partnerships came under the telescope in Episode 14, with Sarah confronting her trust issues with Graham, Kitty and Robert facing the choice between family and ambition, and Justin and Rebecca continuing to dance around their feelings for one another. There were some interesting developments in Kevin and Scotty's relationship too, which provided a hilarious exchange between Justin and Kevin.

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  • We opened with Kitty and Robert excitedly looking at the picture of their embryos and talking about the possibility of Taylor asking Robert to become his Vice President. Kitty is not keen on her husband aligning himself with the man who attacked him during their Republican candidate race, which causes friction between the couple and a few uncomfortable exchanges between Kitty and Taylor (one of which involves Kitty wearing just a towel and a face mask!).
  • All the other Walker siblings, meanwhile, have gathered at Nora's to prepare brunch and help take her mind off Isaac's departure. Although Nora claims she's perfectly fine, when she announces that Jamie the interior designer is coming round we discover that when anything upsetting has happened in Nora's life she redecorates the house! Justin is super cute to Rebecca, who is waiting to hear the results of her paternity test. (He's still the only person who knows.) Later, when Jamie asks Nora what she needs the living room to function as, Nora admits that she has no idea what she needs. I seem to be saying this every week, but Poor Nora.
  • Scotty gets home to Kevin trying on a ridiculously tight Hawaiian print top (for his surfing). The fashion faux pas is the least of their worries though; Scotty has a bandaged hand and his accident at work cost him a fair bit of money for stitches as he can't afford medical insurance. Kevin (and his surf gear) talks about this with his brothers at the beach later, with Tommy suggesting he just put Scotty on his own insurance. Justin agrees, saying "can't you just make him like your domesticated partner?" to which Kevin responds "domestic partner, moron, he's not a pet". Heh. Love Kevin. He says he won't take relationship advice from them, as Tommy's in couple's counselling and the closest thing Justin has to a girlfriend is Rebecca.
  • Speaking of Rebecca, she returns to Holly's to find her mother making out with David and planning expensive trips. Just as she's grossing out over their kissy-kissy she gets the phone call. By the time she comes back into the room Holly's headed out already, so Rebecca tells David that .... he is her father! As soon as David appeared on the scene this was always going to happen. Rebecca is understandably furious when David admits Holly had told him there was a possibility Rebecca was his daughter. She says she's fallen in love with the Walkers; any one of them in particular, Rebecca?

  • The whole gang go to the fundraiser for a hospital that treats children with cancer and most of them are in a foul mood: Kitty's annoyed because of the whole VP thing and Sarah is annoyed with Graham because Saul went against her wishes last episode and approved the deal with the Chinese company that Graham suggested. In fact, when Rebecca arrives and asks how everyone is, Sarah sums up the mood by saying "sucktastic". Heh. Scotty tries to lighten the mood by saing "I'm thinking of starting a charity of my own: Stitches For Bitches" but that joke goes down like a lead balloon!
  • Justin tells Rebecca she looks nice but she lies to him and says David isn't her father. When Justin's reaction is a little confusing she asks whether he's disappointed or happy. Of course he's disappointed, you fool, he loves you!

  • Meanwhile, Holly returns home to find David all packed and ready to leave. He spins her a line about returning to New York for a project and that he just visited her because of nostalgia. Holly's devastated but gets no sympathy from Rebecca when she gets back from the fundraiser. She still hasn't told anyone else (apart from David) about the true identity of her father, and simply says to Holly "we don't always get what we want".
  • Sarah has it out with Graham at the fundraiser and asks Graham if he knew she hadn't approved the deal. He says of course he didn't and is hurt that she doesn't trust him. Nora and a tub of ice cream help Sarah realise she can trust Saul and Graham, and Nora tells Sarah that instead of redecorating she's going to offer a home to parents who are visiting their children at the hospital. Sarah offers Ojai's sponsorship and at the office the next day she apologises to Graham and Saul but they've got seriously bad news; Golden Plum has filed for bankruptcy and the bank's still going to call in the $20million loan, which they can't afford to pay. Ohmygoodness.

  • Kevin suggests to Scotty that they should apply for domestic partnership so Scotty can get on Kevin's insurance but Scotty isn't happy. He later reveals that it means more to him than that as it is as close to marriage as they can get at that time (in reality the situation has changed since then, of course). Scotty says, "At the risk of sounding like a 12-year-old girl, I want my wedding to be special". Kevin understands, but says he's not sure if he'll ever be ready for that.
  • Justin knocks on Rebecca's door incredibly early and says as she's now a DNA-tested Walker she has to learn to surf and they head off to the beach. They have fun but it's obvious they both want each other. Just tell him the truth and get together, for goodness' sake!
  • Kitty and Robert discuss the VP proposition and Kitty says she wants Robert's love for her to be greater than his ambition and he accuses her of being pleased he lost. Ouch. Kitty then tells him that the Doctor has called and none of their embryos are viable. Robert then meets with Taylor and has a long discussion with him, and on passing Kitty on his way out Taylor tells her Robert will blame her in the future for convincing him not to take up the VP position. When Kitty raises this concern with Robert later he assures her that's not the case; she's too important to him to lose. As Kitty looks at the pictures of the embryos Robert tells her it'll work next time. I really hope so too.

So there are my opinions on this week's episode, but I'd love to hear your views. Share your thoughts with us, whether you've just watched it or you're reliving it all over again.

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