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Rundown of Brothers & Sisters Series 2 Episode 15 "Moral Hazard" which Aired 11pm Sunday 6 July 2008 on E4

Pop Watch: Brothers & Sisters, Ep 15 "Moral Hazard"

We’re onto the penultimate episode of this second series of Brothers & Sisters, so there are some big moments in last night’s installment as we gear up for the season finale. This series has gone so quickly — I don't want it to end!

The collapse of Ojai Foods takes centre stage, with Sarah and Saul both making big decisions about their personal lives as well as the company’s future. Kitty and Robert continue their baby-making attempts, Kevin and Scotty's relationship develops further, and the Justin and Rebecca storyline also reaches new heights of intensity …

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  • The episode opens in Ojai’s offices, with Sarah really angry at Saul and Graham as the company is on the brink of receivership. Sarah goes to tell Nora and covers for Saul, taking the blame. Nora takes over and says they’ll have to ask Tommy to get Walker Landing involved, so Tommy has a go at Sarah too! Interestingly, Holly asks to see a formal proposal. What is she planning?
  • Robert and Kitty visit their fertility doctor, who suggests they take a month off from the treatment. Robert suggests they try the old-fashioned way and, as it’s Kitty’s 48-hour long “fertile window”, the couple get down to it straight away! Kitty then has to lie with her legs in the air for 30 minutes and, surprise surprise, the doorbell rings. As her rushes to the door Robert says: “Just stay there and … marinate”! Heh.
  • Kevin has to cancel his lunch date with Scotty to give the family legal advice, and is super keen to make it up to him. Scotty says Kevin doesn’t have to keep acting so guilty — he’s happy with their relationship the way it is. All he wants Kevin to do is sort out the light bulbs.
  • Rebecca tells Justin she wants to hang out with him more, but he makes up a fake date with a “hot chick” to avoid spending time with her. He then tells Kevin about Rebecca’s questionable paternity and admits he was into the idea that she wasn’t his sister. Kevin is horrified, as is Justin, and says: “You just need some time out to stop thinking about inbreeding”. Heh. Kevin tells Justin to never speak about it. I disagree — tell her, she loves you too!
  • Back at Ojai, Graham asks Sarah why she’s taking the fall for Saul. He doesn’t want her to shut him out because he cares about her. Sarah later meets with Kevin, who criticises her for allowing Graham to stick around. At Nora’s place, Nora moans about Sarah to Saul so he admits it was him and Nora apologises to Sarah, but Sarah says Nora has every right to me furious with her. Sarah talks with Graham later and tells him she can’t be with him. It’s all such a mess. Sigh.
  • Rebecca arrives at Nora’s and busts Justin, who’s supposed to be on a date with that “hot chick”. He suggests they go to the movies and he is totally awkward and ends up running out. Rebecca follows him and — ohmygoodness —he tells her he was hoping that they weren’t related! Now it’s Rebecca’s turn to run out.
  • Ohmygoodness, Saul calls Kevin from the police station to come pick him up: he drove his car into a tree and was DUI. Sitting in the car together, Kevin tells Saul that they love him and that he should just say it, so Saul admits out loud, finally, that he is gay, and asks Kevin’s advice.
  • Rebecca gets home after the disastrous movie with Justin and finally tells Holly about the paternity test. The mother and daughter have a huge row, which ends up with Holly throwing Rebecca out. Uh-oh.
  • At the vineyard offices Holly and Tommy talk about it whether they should take on Ojai Food’s loan, and Holly comes up with a way to make it work. When Sarah and Nora arrive she suggests Ojai Foods and Walker Landing merge. Tommy and Sarah would be Co-Presidents, with Holly as Chairman and CEO who would have the deciding vote. Unsurprisingly, Sarah is not happy about it but Nora agrees and so Sarah does too. That Holly’s a wily one.
  • Rebecca goes to Justin and tells him the truth about her paternity and he is furious that she lied, saying she’s just like Holly. Nooo! When Nora later tells Justin about Holly saving the day, he looks heartbroken as he tells his Mum the truth about Rebecca. It’s all so intense!
  • Robert and Kitty have been absent since the beginning of the episode, but we return to them to hear Kitty saying she’s not sure how much longer she can keep trying for a baby because of the constant disappointment. Good old Robert reassures her and says it will happen, at some point it will. I can’t see this storyline being resolved during this series.
  • The episode ends with Kevin returning home to Scotty (and the light bulbs that he was supposed to get, but Scotty had dealt with). Scotty is so adorable and listens as Kevin tells him all about the things that have happened and says he realises how lucky he is to be with Scotty. Kevin’s having an epiphany moment and asks Scotty to marry him! He gets down on one knee and Scotty says yes, woop! Who knew the power of light bulbs in matters of love?!

So there are my opinions on this week's episode, but I'd love to hear your views. Share your thoughts with us, whether you've just watched it or you're reliving it all over again.

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