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Rundown of Brothers & Sisters Series 2 Episode 2 "An American Family" which Aired 11pm Sunday 6 April 2008 on E4

Pop Watch: Brothers & Sisters, Ep 2 "An American Family"

So we're onto the second episode of Brothers & Sisters Series 2, and while it wasn't as jam-packed as last week's opener there was still plenty going on for the Walkers. One of the things I love about this show is how it can make me laugh one minute and cry the next, and this was certainly one of those episodes.

The highlight of last night's episode was Nora, Kevin and Kitty's road trip. Kevin was on top form with his witty one-liners — my favourite has to be when Nora accuses him of driving slowly like somebody's grandmother and he says "somebody's hot grandmother". Heh. Nora and Kitty were hilarious too, with their call to Luther Reeve's radio show. It just got funnier and funnier, with Kevin's implication that Abraham Lincoln was gay almost inciting a Lincoln penny-pelting incident for Robert!

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  • Did the opening scene, with Kitty and Robert at a military funeral, make you think that Justin had died? I'm so pleased they haven't killed off his character. When he saw his family arrive at the hospital his smile was just so sweet. Plus he is looking H-O-T.
  • The whole Sarah-Joe situation is irking me — I was so surprised to find out he's back with his ex-wife and that it's him who's moving on rather than Sarah. I think this is going to get far more complicated over the series, what with Rebecca finally confessing to Sarah that she was the one behind the kiss. Sarah was spot on when she told Rebecca her confession was led by selfishness. Why did it take her so long to admit it?
  • Hmm so we've got a new character in the shape of Rebecca's friend Lena, who's been employed to work at the vineyard. As soon as she started chatting with Tommy I thought uh-oh, this is going to head towards an affair. Things are so tough for Tommy and Julia at the moment and he was so grateful when Sarah praised his ramp-making skills. I think Lena will be trouble. What do you guys reckon — am I just being pessimistic?
  • Lena also tried to set up Saul with her Aunt, and then with her gay friend — we are definitely going to see this Saul's-ambiguous-sexuality storyline develop methinks. I hope there's some twists and turns, otherwise it could become a bit too predictable.
  • I have to say "good old Robert" again (I'm concerned this might become a tedious theme of mine — pinch me if it does). He was the only one whom Justin could talk to about his feelings and fears. I really hope they continue to bond like this.

  • Robert also made me crack up when he was chatting with Nora and Kitty in the kitchen about the possible penny-pelting he might be subjected to. When Nora says "this whole thing makes me want to move to France", Robert replies "it would be so helpful if you would. And take Kitty with you". Heh.
  • So Holly apologised to Rebecca and they hugged. I'm not really into their storyline but I'm willing to bear with it in the hopes it might become more interesting as the series progresses. What do you guys think about these two?
  • Sally Field did a superb job playing the anxious, over-protective mother. The scene at the end when she holds Justin as the nerve block wears off was so moving. It's going to be such a struggle for Justin if he insists on refusing to take any narcotics for pain relief.

So there are my opinions on this week's episode, but I'd love to hear your views. Share your thoughts with us, whether you've just watched it or you're reliving it all over again.

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