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Rundown of Brothers & Sisters Series 2 Episode 4 "States of the Union" which Aired 11pm Sunday 20 April 2008 on E4

Pop Watch: Brothers & Sisters, Ep 4 "States of the Union"

Last week I said I wanted more laughs and last nights's episode certainly delivered! We were a little light on the Walker women in Episode 3, but they were back in a big way this week, and Nora, Sarah and Kitty's spa trip provided some of the best lines.

The rest of the family spent most of the episode in pairs: Rebecca and Justin were dealing (or not) with his pain medication issues; Holly was dealing (or not) with Tommy's indiscretions; and Kevin was tackling Saul over his sexuality. Or not.

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  • So let's get the most important question out of the way first — what do you think of Rebecca's new fringe? I'm not a big fan. I also felt pretty bad for Nora at the beginning of the episode, when Rebecca took over the role of looking out for Justin. Still, it left Nora free to go on the spa trip with Kitty (who's stressed about finding a pre-nup on Robert's desk) and Sarah (who's stressed because it's her tenth wedding anniversary).
  • Saul goes to Milo's house for a party and guess who's the cater-waiter? Scotty of course. Small city. Anyway, I just love Scotty and his reminiscence about the "fantastic mango peach salsa" at Nora's — hilarious. Kevin is pretty defensive when Scotty tells him about the "big gay cocktail party", which leads Scotty to say "it's time for you to take off your Prada shades and open your eyes". I was undecided last week about who I wanted Kevin to date, but I now know I'm Scotty all the way. Jason who?
  • Rebecca is mistaken for Justin's girlfriend when they're at the clinic — is this going to develop into a strange storyline? Hmmm. An injured soldier called Garret Perez arrives and tells Justin he can't feel a thing as he's high as a kite on pain meds. Uh-oh. Later on, Rebecca is suspicious when Justin seems to have made a vast improvement, but he gets incredibly defensive and makes her count his pills. They're all there. Rebecca feels bad.
  • Kevin confronts Saul about his sexuality and is upset that Saul didn't support him when he came out, but Saul gets defensive and they argue. Later on, Saul and Kevin make up but Saul says he is not gay. What do you guys reckon? I'm not convinced.
  • Meanwhile, over at Ojai Springs the Walker women are getting told off for being noisy in the quiet room by a brilliantly funny spa worker. When the noise levels increase following Sarah's admission that Julia is staying with her parents indefinitely, they're finally kicked out of the "oasis" with a "Namastang" from the spa worker, to which Kitty responds "Namastang my ass". Loving Kitty more and more each week!
  • Another of my favourite lines occurs when the trio crash a wedding reception and Nora asks Kitty what she thinks of the centerpieces — Kitty: "I hate them. And my fiance". Nora: "Who Robert?". Kitty: "No mother, my other fiance". Heh. Sarah flirts with Cliff, son of groom Greg, and ends up outside her room kissing him, but can't get the door to open. She realises she can't go through with it so he leaves and she discovers she was trying to get into the wrong room! Meanwhile Nora has sneaked off to visit Tommy at the vineyard...
  • And thank goodness she did, as Lena "I don't mean to be presumptuous" Branigan has got Tommy to crack open a bottle of wine. Tommy gets annoyed with Nora for interfering and ushers her out, but tells Lena he's worried that it is his fault that William died, and Julia hasn't been returning his calls. The pair are totally busted the next day when Holly arrives and sees Lena wearing the same clothes. I actually liked Holly in this scene, telling Tommy that once is a mistake but now it's a choice that he's making. Good for Holly!
  • Back at Ojai Springs, Sarah and Kitty bust Nora for seeing Tommy and they have a huge row, with the daughters accusing their mother of interfering. They meet up again in the quiet room and Nora says she won't speak, but Kitty and Sarah ask for her help so she gives them her advice in a really moving scene. Love Nora. Sarah finally faces up to the divorce and asks Kevin to be her lawyer, while Kitty confronts Robert about the pre-nup and he says it was his lawyers' idea and he doesn't want it anyway.
  • The episode ends with Justin and Rebecca bonding again over the trashy TV show they were watching earlier, but when Rebecca leaves the room we see Justin take a pill from a bottle with Garrett's name on. I was totally sucked in by him earlier, just like Rebecca. This does not bode well.

So there are my opinions on this week's episode, but I'd love to hear your views. Share your thoughts with us, whether you've just watched it or you're reliving it all over again.

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