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Rundown of Brothers & Sisters Series 2 Episode 7 "36 Hours" which Aired 11pm Sunday 11 May 2008 on E4

Pop Watch: Brothers & Sisters, Ep 7 "36 Hours"

Last night's installment of Brothers & Sisters was another heavy-duty episode, as the Walkers gathered around Justin to help him beat his addiction. While it was difficult to watch him go through the pains of withdrawal, it was so interesting to watch Nora and Justin's changing relationship — that was the big highlight of the episode for me.

This episode was particularly important for Tommy, Kevin and Saul too, as each of their storylines came to a head last night. A couple of my favourite lines came from Kevin and Saul's conversation as they were checking Justin's room for pills and possible problems, when Kevin accidentally said to Saul "Why don't you check the closet?" and later said "Let me get this straight — pardon the expression". Heh.

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  • First surprise of the episode was that Holly continues to be the voice of reason and I am starting to like her more and more. Having talked a lot of sense to Tommy about Lena in episode 4, in last night's episode she made sure Rebecca told Nora and the Walkers about Justin's use of pain meds to get high. It was just as well, as Justin was out trying to score more pills when Rebecca called to suggest they meet at the house.
  • What did you think of the way the entire family (minus Tommy, who was ignoring his phone because he was with Lena. Urgh) confronted Justin? I can totally see why Justin reacted the way he did, but it was uncomfortable to watch him pick out the faults of each person there. Luckily Kitty, who I am growing to like more and more this series, gets through to Justin and he breaks down, agreeing that he needs help. I've got to give Dave Annable props for his portrayal of Justin — his acting skills really shone in this episode.
  • While all this is happening, Robert is busy meeting with the King of Pork — an important investor in his campaign. Robert's daughter Sophie is unexpectedly visiting him, and her announcement that she's a vegetarian and likes older boys makes Robert cancel his next meeting so that he can go to the ice rink and find out what's going on in his daughter's life. I was mucho impressed by Rob Lowe's ice skating skills! Sophie tells her dad she would be upset if he and Kitty had kids (uh-oh) and Travis shuffles over the ice to let Robert know the King of Pork hasn't been propely vetted and is in fact bad news (uh-oh times two).
  • Rather than go to rehab, Justin is detoxing at home with the family helping him. Another great line from the episode comes from Sarah: when Justin says to her and Nora "You guys don't need to sit here staring at me waiting for me to grow fangs and hair on my face", Sarah replies "Well who'd chain you to the radiator and poke you with a stick?". Love it!
  • Holly gives Saul Lena's landline number so that he can track down Tommy and Saul totally busts them. When Tommy eventually arrives at Nora's house Sarah has her next funny line, saying "This is just the lull between hell and hell with vomiting". Love Sarah! Tommy goes crazy at Justin, but Kitty stops him by saying "That's what happens when you're late — see we've already done the hateful name-calling part". Heh.
  • While Saul and Kevin are preparing Justin's room they have a huge argument about the other being lonely, and Saul walks out, telling Nora that he can't be this person any more, much to Nora's confusion. I sense a confession coming up...
  • Having been suffering in his bedroom with Kevin and Tommy looking out for him, Justin insists he needs to go outside and rushes downstairs. He pleads with Nora to let him go outside, promising he only needs fresh air and won't go anywhere. While the others plead with Nora not to do it, she goes over to the back door and, in an important turnaround, she locks it and tells Justin to stop it and go back upstairs.
  • Having thrown accusations at each other earlier, Tommy comes clean to Kevin about his affair with Lena, and Kevin tells Tommy that he's letting Scotty stay because he's lonely — Jason doesn't return any of his calls. As they talk about their difficult relationship with William, Nora walks in and tells them to get over it! She says their father loved them, and that she has never been prouder of them for how they were that evening: they were better fathers to Justin that night than William ever was.
  • Robert is so furious with Travis about the King of Pork's dodgy background that he fires Travis' entire team! He doesn't fire Travis because it would look bad, but he tells Travis not to confuse his kindness with weakness, saying "I am the most ambitious man you will ever meet". Oh my! We have seen flashes of mean Robert this series and I'm a bit concerned things are going to get worse.
  • Saul returns to Nora's and apologies for walking out. He says he wishes he could have found someone, and then confesses to Nora that he was in love with another man years ago! Nora is really upset that Saul never told her, and guess who walks in on them? Kevin, of all people! Saul leaves and Nora and Kevin share a funny exchange, each asking the other if they know why something is up with Saul. I'm intrigued to see how this will play out now.
  • Kitty and Justin share a really sweet moment towards the end of the episode, as they're sitting on his bed. She talks about her fears that she isn't maternal, but Justin reassures her and then falls asleep in her arms. It's such a lovely scene, and gives me goosebumps just thinking about it now! It gives Kitty the confidence that she will be a good mother, and when Robert returns she tells him she wants to get married straight away and start trying for a baby. Although he looks concerned, he says she's the most important thing to him and they start practicing!
  • The episode ends with Tommy breaking up with Lena (hurrah! but for how long I wonder?), Kevin discovering Scotty had left him a note and some food (love Scotty sooo much!) and Justin joining Nora at the pool outside in the moonlight. Nora says things need to change, she's been holding him back and they need to let go — "a brave new world" as Justin calls it. It's such a moving scene, and the music suits it perfectly with Ricki Lee Jones' "The Horses" accompanying the final few scenes.

So there are my opinions on this week's episode, but I'd love to hear your views. Share your thoughts with us, whether you've just watched it or you're reliving it all over again.

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