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Rundown of Brothers & Sisters Series 2 Episode 8 "Something New" which Aired 11pm Sunday 18 May 2008 on E4

Pop Watch: Brothers & Sisters, Ep 8 "Something New"

The last few episodes of Brothers & Sisters have been pretty intense, so I was super-pleased that last night's installment had fun and laughs and lots of romance, as well as cameo appearances (Lyle Lovett) and new characters (Steven Weber as Graham).

The opening of the episode was a good indication of what was to come, with Nora's five children gathered with her at the house trying to help Kitty decide what song to pick for her and Robert's first dance, with them all talking about what song they lost their virginity to, including Nora (much to Justin's horror)! This leads on to Nora emailing her first love Stan Harris (played by Chevy Chase) to meet for dinner, while all five of her children experience important moments in their romantic relationships.

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  • When Robert arrives at Nora's, Kevin learns that Jason has spoken to Robert a couple of times but still hasn't returned any of Kevin's calls. He returns home and asks Scotty to be his guest at the wedding. A little later on, Scotty brings leftover lobster back for dinner and Kevin starts talking about getting candles out. You can fight it all you want Kevin — we all know you and Scotty are meant to be!
  • Kitty visits Rebecca and thanks her for her help with Justin and, in a prime example of how much Kitty has changed this series, she asks Rebecca to be her bridesmaid. When Rebecca is shocked as she didn't even know whether she was going to be invited to the wedding, Kitty says that of course she is as she's her sister. They share a really sweet moment and hug it out. Yay!
  • Over at Ojai Saul and Sarah are speaking with private consultant Graham (played by Steven Weber), who is encouraging them to employ his services to expand into China. Sarah looks interested, and I'm not talking about the business deal. When Sarah is trying on bridesmaids' dresses a little later on, Graham calls her to invite her to dinner to talk about the options. Any excuse hey?

  • Over at the vineyard Tommy tells Holly he has broken it off with Lena, who arrives a few seconds later in a skimpy top with Tommy's favourite pastry. She answers the phone and it's Julia, who is actually right outside with Lizzie! Tommy introduces his wife to his ex-mistress and it is awkward city, with Tommy quickly ushering his family out of the door. Holly asks Lena if she wants to keep her job, and when she says yes Holly replies "You might want to rethink the work wardrobe". Heh. Back at home, Julia apologises to Tommy and says she wants things to go back to how they were, which Tommy's in total agreement with. There's no way this reunion is going to go smoothly, is there?
  • Kitty and Robert are at a dance studio to learn a few steps, and things get tense when Kitty struggles but Robert knows all the moves and wants to go and deal with the campaign rather than sort out their first dance. Kitty is clearly struggling with this not being Robert's first wedding, which becomes even more obvious when she's trying on Nora's wedding dress back at home — not even her dress is new. Nora comes in all dressed up for her date, and Justin pulls Rebecca aside to apologise for all the things he said to her in last week's episode, but their conversation is interrupted by a phone call from my favourite character: yep, it's Lena asking him to meet her. Urgh.
  • Nora is so adorable on her date with Stan, talking ten to the dozen about the traffic and then when he compliments her she says "Don't look too close, my neck looks like someone's curtains". Love Nora! They both admit they're nervous, but manage to share a really great evening. So much so that they agree to go out the following night, and Stan drives Nora to the place they saw Bob Dylan (and where they first did "it"). They sit in the open-top car, reminiscing and listening to "Girl From the North Country" (one of my favourite Dylan songs) and Nora invites him to Kitty's wedding.
  • While Nora's getting happy with Stanny, Kevin's getting kissy-kissy with Scotty! They had fallen asleep on each other on the sofa and when they woke up they couldn't help themselves. We later see Kevin in his office, finally getting to speak to Jason on the phone. He's overwhelmed to hear Jason's voice, but says they need to talk. Ooh, that always spells trouble ...
  • Tommy is just about to leave the house (and a sleeping Julia) when his phone rings — it's Lena. He immediately gets angry with her for calling him, but she explains she's just phoning to let him know his meeting has been cancelled. Julia wakes up and asks what's going on, and Tommy says he'll make breakfast. There is no way Tommy is going to be able to deal with this situation, especially when he finds out what we all see, which is Lena going on a coffee date with Justin. They go back to her place and joke around and Justin gets ready to leave, but then he changes his mind and they start kissing. Nooo Justin, step away from the Lena.
  • Sarah, meanwhile, is at dinner with Graham. She tells him he's all too smooth with his Italian suits and business plans, but he says he can help the company get government subsidies to launch their international expansion. It's clear these two are attracted to each other, but there's something about this guy that I just don't trust. I hope I'm wrong.
  • Kevin returns to the flat to find Scotty packing, as things have got complicated. Kevin says that he's broken up with Jason and he wants to be with Scotty — even though it was messy before, Kevin now knows that he won't be happy if he takes the easy option. Yay for Kevin and Scotty!
  • Having been told by Holly that's she's turning into a shrinking violet and needs to speak her mind to the Walkers, Rebecca does exactly that at her and Sarah's next bridesmaid dress fitting. She says the colour's awful and it doesn't suit her or Sarah. When they talk about whether Julia would look good in the blue dress Kitty says "Julia looks good in anything", to which Sarah adds "Bitch". Love Sarah's biting one-liners. The beautiful dress that Kitty saw earlier ("the one") is now on sale and Rebecca tells her she shouldn't feel like she has to wear Nora's dress, so Kitty gets that "something new" she wanted.
  • Kitty tells Nora that she's found "the one" and Nora's fine about her daughter not wearing her wedding dress. In fact, Nora takes the dress to be dyed and altered so that she can wear it as part of her new life. Meanwhile, Robert takes Kitty to a campaign rally venue and surprises her with Lyle Lovett! He sings for the couple and they dance, with Robert telling Kitty "You make everthing new". Awww.

So there are my opinions on this week's episode, but I'd love to hear your views. Share your thoughts with us, whether you've just watched it or you're reliving it all over again.

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