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Rundown of Brothers & Sisters Series 2 Episode 9 "Holy Matrimony!" which Aired 11pm Sunday 25 May 2008 on E4

Pop Watch: Brothers & Sisters, Ep 9 "Holy Matrimony!"

Kitty's big day arrived at last on yesterday's episode of Brothers & Sisters, but as you would expect from the Walkers the wedding day wasn't all plain sailing. A couple of secrets were revealed to even more people, with Robert and Tommy set to face some serious challenges in upcoming episodes, and there was intrigue involving Holly.

Sarah was dateless at the ceremony (and amusingly annoyed at the lack of eligible bachelors!) but the other single Walkers each encountered problems with their dates. Kevin and Scotty bickered over Jason, Justin learnt the truth about Lena, and Nora was dumped by Stan at the reception following his incarceration alongside Tommy, Justin and Kevin! But more of that later...

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  • Kitty's troubles started right in the opening scene — it's the night before the big day and Robert suddenly asks her to write her own vows, as he's already written his! Things only get worse when Nora has "the talk" with Kitty. Sarah had prepared her for a "gushy speech" but what she gets is a rant from her mother about the need to "protect the woman she is" and not lose her identity in marriage and parenthood like Nora did. This is definitely not what Kitty needs to hear and she cuts Nora off before she gets even colder feet. Top this off with a phone call from Isaac (Danny Glover) to say that the truth about Robert's service in the Gulf is threatening to come out again and poor Kitty is a wreck.
  • While the female Walkers are preparing for the ceremony the males of the clan are discussing the bets they placed on Kitty's marriage situation — much to the Saul's shock, Tommy had bet Kitty would marry between the ages of 30 and 40, Justin had bet 50+, and Kevin had bet never! Tommy reacts badly when he discovers Justin has invited Lena to the wedding — he is so bad at covering up the affair, it's so obviously going to get back to Julia at some point.
  • The wedding ceremony is held at the vineyard and as the guests start to arrive Kevin and Scotty are telling Tommy about their new relationship status, with Kevin saying they're "in the process of becoming a 'we', depending on what your definition of 'we' is" to which Scotty adds "he's such a romantic". Aww poor old Scotty.
  • The awkwardness increases ten-fold when Justin and Lena arrive, with Julia joining them just seconds later. We also see Saul greet Stan "the hippy" and watch as Rebecca realises Tommy is Lena's married man. Uh-oh. Kevin and Robert get into a spat too about Jason. All the fun and games one would expect of a Walker gathering.
  • Having been slightly de-stressed by Isaac's arrival and promise that he will sort out the Robert-in-the-Gulf problem, Kitty finally gets ready and I have to say wow, her dress is gorgeous, as are Paige and Cooper — so cute!
  • Kitty, like Justin earlier, is missing William and has been avoiding her mother since "the talk", but as they walk down the aisle together Nora says some lovely things to Kitty about how she would never lose her identity like Nora did and they share a touching (and long!) hug as they arrive at the altar. The whole setting for the ceremony is just gorgeous, and Kitty's bridesmaids look great in their dresses too.

  • All is going well and Robert says his vows but then Kitty tells him they need to talk and they leave mid-ceremony. Eek! She tells him about how her and Kevin blackmailed Daniel Cole so that he wouldn't reveal the truth about Robert's service in the Gulf (you know, how he only appeared to be heroic by accident and he actually wanted to turn back) but luckily there's no sign of Mean Robert and he's really sweet to Kitty. They get married, finally, and have a quick meeting with Isaac, deciding that they'll let the news outlets know that Cole is a perjurer and a blackmailer so that no-one will run his story.
  • As you would expect, the reception doesn't go without a hitch either. Kevin is really annoyed that the entire McCallister clan are giving him the cold shoulder because of his break-up with Jason, which understandably upsets Scotty. Kevin is so annoyed, in fact, that he says he could kill Robert, and is quickly and mysteriously escorted away by the Secret Service!
  • Meanwhile, Rebecca watches Justin and Lena and decides she has to tell him about Tommy. Next thing we know, Justin is confronting Tommy and they're getting into a fight and they're escorted away too, ending up in a room with Kevin and Stan, who had been caught smoking pot — looks like the Secret Service had been taking tips from Supernanny Jo Frost, sending the naughty kids to the naughty corner! Fortunately Robert comes to their rescue and frees them all and Kevin and Robert make nice, with Kevin saying that although he won't stop blaming Robert for the fact that he wouldn't be able to get married in the US, "I will stop threatening your life" to which Robert responds "Sounds like we're making some progress". Heh.
  • Meanwhile Rebecca has it out with Lena, who accuses Rebecca of being jealous (hmm I'm still uncomfortable about this whole Justin/Rebecca thing) and then Lena leaves. And so does Stan, who walks out on Nora when she tells him off for smoking pot. But Nora has a glass of champagne and Isaac to keep her company. Ooo!
  • Kitty and Nora share a touching moment before Kitty and Robert sneak off early to start their (36 hour) honeymoon, which gets going straight away on the private jet! Kevin and Scotty return home and have a heart-to-heart about their relationship, with Kevin admitting that he's not completely over Jason. Uh-oh. Rebecca helps Sarah take the kids home and they have a sisterly bonding moment as they discuss why each of them did the things they did to each other. Rebecca also tells Sarah about Tommy and Lena.
  • Isaac and Nora are still up, chatting away about politics and the like, when Isaac's phone rings with bad news. Daniel Cole's story has been picked up by the Drudge Report, so Robert and Kitty will have some serious campaign-saving to do come the morning. Nora asks Isaac not to tell them 'til the following day, as they should at least have their wedding night before discovering that the proverbial has hit the fan.
  • The most intriguing part of the whole episode comes right at the end and involves Holly (Patricia Wettig), who has been largely absent from the episode other than her and Saul's little chat at the reception where they muse on their relationship and the fact that they're both single and lonely, with Holly saying "You can't help who you love" which is very true for Saul too of course. But back to the interesting scene... Holly receives a visit from an old friend called David (played by series executive producer and Patricia Wettig's real life husband Ken Olin). It's all a bit mysterious and he sees a picture of Rebecca, but Holly is quick to change the subject and wants to know what he's doing there. Could this be some new twist in the whole Rebecca-paternity storyline? Ohmygoodness.

So there are my opinions on this week's episode, but I'd love to hear your views. Share your thoughts with us, whether you've just watched it or you're reliving it all over again.

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