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Rundown of Brothers & Sisters Series 2 Finale Episode 16 "Prior Commitments" which Aired 11pm Sunday 13 July 2008 on E4

Pop Watch: Brothers & Sisters, Ep 16 "Prior Commitments"

Wow, what a season finale! I laughed, I cried, I was shocked and was seriously left wanting more. Just when I thought there couldn't be any more twists, they throw in another huge one that will surely keep us guessing throughout the next installments of Brothers & Sisters. This has been a great season and I can't wait for the third.

This final episode centred around Kevin and Scotty's commitment ceremony, but it still managed to fit in typical Brothers & Sisters plot devices, from the family meeting of the opening scene to the road trip Kevin and Tommy and Justin took. The Rebecca and Justin storyline reached a dizzying climax and another whopping secret about William was unearthed by Sarah and Kevin.

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  • The episode opens at Nora's with a double whammy of announcements: Justin tells the siblings that Rebecca isn't really their sister, and then Kevin arrives and announces his engagement by assigning roles to each of them. Their muted congratulations are explained to Kevin and so everyone is finally in the loop on the whole paternity issue.
  • Robert and Kitty are awaiting the news from the doctor on whether or not she is pregnant, with Robert feeling hopeful as Kitty's boobs are bigger and she has the "glow". Later on, when Kitty is writing her speech as officiator at Kevin and Scotty's ceremony, the doctor rings with disappointing news. Robert suggests they explore other options, like surrogacy or adoption, but Kitty is upset with him for moving on so quickly and trying to fix everything. Kitty has a man moan with Sarah, and her sister says that really all that matters in the end is the child, giving Kitty some serious food for thought. Towards the end of the episode Kitty tells Robert that she thinks they should adopt. I'm looking forward to seeing how this works out in Series 3.
  • Tommy and Sarah grill Holly about the whole Rebecca lie and Sarah wants to sue her for fraud. Once the siblings are alone Tommy says Sarah should look at herself if she wants to blame someone for the big mess, as Sarah was the one who pushed to find out the identity of the baby in the photo and told Rebecca. Sarah then goes through every folder she can find to try to discover the truth behind the photo, and when she tells her daughter she has a problem she's trying to fix, Paige advises her to not think about it for a while.
  • Kevin and Scotty discuss whom to invite to their "bonding ritual" as Kevin calls it, which Scotty says makes it "sound kinky". Heh. I'm so pleased these two have ended up together. We discover that Scotty's parents won't be there. When Tommy and Justin arrive for Kevin's bachelor party, to "celebrate your holy mantrimony" as Justin says, Kevin has a flashback to a meeting he had with his father in a restaurant. As Kevin arrives a man is passing William a folder, as an old friend of his has just died, and then William apologises for the way he handled Kevin's sexuality. It's so weird to see Tom Skerritt again in the role of the patriarch — did any of you find that creepy too?
  • Kevin decides to go on a road trip to Arizona with his brothers instead of a bar, in the hopes of convincing Scotty's parents to attend. They still refuse, but Scotty's Dad gives Kevin the cufflinks he wore on his own wedding day, which he had promised to Scotty for his special day. Meanwhile Tommy and Justin chat about Rebecca while they wait, as Kevin outed Justin's feelings on the drive, with Tommy suggesting it might be worth be salvaging. When Kevin gets back home Scotty is touched that Kevin and his Dad would make those efforts.
  • Nora spends time comforting Rebecca, telling her that she's glad Rebecca is in her life. Love Nora! She then helps Scotty with the preparations for the wedding, and they share a lovely moment with Nora telling Scotty how happy she is to have him as her son. She's itching to add some flowers to the room where the ceremony will take place, even though Kevin said no way, and Scotty lets her pick a couple of bunches.
  • Those couple of bunches turn into a flower explosion! Nora admits to Kevin that she got carried away, but says that they deserve for it to be as romantic as possible. In her role as officiator, Kitty tells a sweet childhood story about her and Kevin getting married with Mr McBear as officiator. All the family are there and it's a lovely moment. Rebecca and Justin decide to start at square one and shake hands as if they're meeting afresh. Saul tells Nora that he came out to Kevin and says the ceremony was the bravest thing he'd ever witnessed.
  • So everything's going smoothly, but it wouldn't be a Walker event without something cropping up. When Sarah gives Rebecca the baby picture that William kept of her, Rebecca drops a bombshell ... it isn't her! Woah! Sarah calls a meeting right in the middle of the reception and tells her siblings she thinks there must be another "R", as William used the initials of his children as his password and if Rebecca isn't the "R" then someone else must be. Saul walks in on the meeting and assumes that they've been talking about his, so he comes out to them all. Justin responds with: "This is like the gayest week of my life". Heh.

  • Scotty thanks Kevin for visiting his parents, saying he feels like his Dad was there in spirit. This leads Kevin to have another flashback about William. This time they're on a plane and Kevin comes across a photo in one of William's folders. It's the photo they thought was Rebecca! William explains to Kevin that it's a photo of the son of that friend of his who has just died, a little boy called Ryan. Suddenly everything slots in to place for Kevin — this is the folder that William was given in the restaurant, and so this must be the missing "R". Kevin rushes out to tell Sarah and they go to Nora and ask her to sit down as they begin to explain to her this latest twist. Ohmygoodness!
  • It's the day after the wedding and Justin joins Rebecca at a lookout point over the city. They talk about their relationship and Rebecca says maybe all this insanity was a way to meet you and they kiss. Woop! I've totally come round to liking Rebecca this season and was surprised to find myself rooting for her and Justin. I'm sure their relationship won't be plain sailing, but I'm so pleased they finally got it together!

This was an amazing season finale, which totally exceeded my expectations. I'd love to hear your views on this episode and the season as a whole, whether you've just watched it or you're reliving it all over again. If you're already suffering from withdrawal symptoms then fear not: over the next few weeks I'll be asking your views on your favourite storyline and quizzing you on how well you know this season. It may be off our screens, but Brothers and Sisters lives on!

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