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Ryan Reynolds Plays Drinko on The Tonight Show August 2018

Ryan Reynolds and Jimmy Fallon Played a Daring Game of "Drinko" and, Yep, Someone Puked

Oh, the lengths Ryan Reynolds will go to for some Aviation Gin. The 41-year-old actor stopped by The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon on Aug. 13 and participated in a stomach-churning game of "Drinko" with the host. The duo dropped disks from the top of a board into different liquefied substances like Twinkies, kombucha, grape soda, bacon and eggs . . . oh, and, um, blood. They then had to combine their random liquids with a bit of Ryan's own Aviation Gin and throw back their rather nasty cocktails.

At the beginning of the challenge, Ryan admitted to Jimmy that he has "such a weak stomach," but Jimmy ended up being the one who reached for the bucket. Sadly, he admitted it's not the first time he's barfed on his show. Things only escalated when Ryan decided to shock everyone, including Jimmy, with his final mixed drink. Watch the video above to see exactly what Ryan decided to down. Let's just say it made Jimmy dry-heave, and he wasn't even the one drinking it.

Image Source: NBC
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