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Samuel L. Jackson Talks About Brad and Angelina Split

Samuel L. Jackson Doesn't Hold Back When Asked to Weigh In on Brangelina

It seems no celebrity can make an appearance right now without being asked to weigh in on Brad and Angelina's divorce. Samuel L. Jackson clearly wasn't happy about being asked his opinion (not surprising, since he's never really worked closely with either Brad or Angelina) but he still had some memorable things to say on the subject. When interviewed by Ross King for Good Morning Britain, he seemed surprised that people find the news sad. "It's life!" he said, before launching into a mini-rant about the public, bringing up Jennifer Aniston, and insinuating that half of America is "overjoyed that the wicked witch lost the husband." At the end, he goes back to his original stance that it's nobody's business, but we can't help feeling there's no love lost here!

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