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Samuel L. Jackson's Web Questions Video For Wired 2017

Samuel L. Jackson Curses His Way Through the Internet's Most Burning Questions

After hearing the name Samuel L. Jackson, "giddy" probably isn't the first word that comes to mind ("motherf*cker" is probably higher on the list). Well, while sitting down with Wired recently, the Kong: Skull Island actor agreed to participate in their "The Web's Most Searched Questions" segment, and he's positively delightful. Since he's appeared in over 100 films after beginning his acting career in the early '70s, the internet is practically bursting with questions about him. He happily answers everything from "How did Samuel L. Jackson die?" to "What did Samuel L. Jackson engrave on his lightsaber?" (spoiler alert: something hilarious). Check out his f-bomb-filled Q&A session above!

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