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Shaq Doing the Fade Dance Video

Shaq Re-Creates Kanye West's "Fade" Music Video in His Boxers

It's common knowledge that Shaquille O'Neal has some serious moves on the basketball court, but who knew his dancing skills are also a slam dunk? The retired NBA star took to Instagram on Sunday to share an amazing and hilarious video of himself doing the sexy dance moves from Kanye West's "Fade" music video. Dressed in just his boxers and a tank top, Shaq seductively looks at the camera before perfectly re-creating the routine. Of course, the video's real star, Teyana Taylor, blew up the internet in August after Kanye debuted the video at the MTV Video Music Awards. In addition to Teyana's insane body and on-point choreography, the video also delivered a head-scratching ending. Now if Shaq and Teyana could just do the dance together, we'd be all set.

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