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Skins Recap: Series 2, Episode 3 "Sid"

Pop Watch: Skins, Episode 3 "Sid"

Understated. That's the usual image of Sid we get on Skins, and that's why I've been looking forward to a more in-depth Sid-centric episode for a while. And what an episode it was. Wow. Let me sum up my thoughts and then I want to hear yours!

I'm a big fan of Sid and Cassie as a couple, so I loved the first few seconds when I realised he was talking to Cassie online. But she was in a bedroom... with a Scottish guy... in her underwear. Noooo! Poor heartbroken Sid. Obviously it was a misunderstanding and the Scottish guy was gay, but Sid wasn't to know that. Meanwhile, Sid's Dad was stressing because his own Father was coming to town.

Whenever Sketch arrives on the screen I expect there to be a freaky Psycho-shower-scene-style "riik, riik, riik" sound effect playing. So I really can't deal with her and Anwar being a couple. She's scary!

But back to Sid's Dad, and his Mum. I love that in this show the parents are as messed up, if not more, than the kids. Do you like the amount of coverage the show gives to the main characters' parents? Or do you think they detract from the show's action?

I've placed the rest of my thoughts under the cut as there was a pretty groundbreaking development that I don't want to spoil for you if you missed the show, but if you've seen it, then read more

When Cassie and Sid were arguing via the webcam I was shouting at the screen – Listen to her! Stop talking! It was so sad. And then there was the madness of the car crashing into Sid's house, which led to Sid's Dad finally (and very satisfyingly) saying what he wanted to his horrible father.

The big shock of the episode was Sid's Dad's death. It was clear something was going on from the way he was humming happily to himself as Sid went to bed. And then, there he was in his chair the next morning, lifeless. I thought Sid's reaction was so beautifully played by Mike Bailey. He was as lost as Tony has been lately, confused and dazed. And only then were the rest of the gang brought back in to the fold, with Jal still showing sweet concern and care for an oblivious and Angie-obsessed Chris, and Tony re-learning how to smoke. Incidentally, do you think Angie will be back? Despite her leaving message?

Sid and Tony's friendship got back into gear in the club – I thought that their hug in the middle of all the madness was great. But enough about me, I want to know what you thought about Tony and Sid getting back on track, the ending – where Cassie and Sid missed each other on the trains – and absolutely everything else. So much happened! What did you think?!

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