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Solange Knowles and Her Son Harassed at Concert 2016

Solange Knowles Recalls Her Family's Infuriating Encounter With a Group of Racist Women

Solange Knowles is standing up to her haters. On Friday, Beyoncé's younger sister took to Twitter to tell her fans about a horrible encounter she had at a Kraftwerk concert with husband Alan Ferguson and son Daniel Julez Smith Jr. in New Orleans. In a series of tweets, Solange explained that she and her son were enjoying the electronic dance show when four white women yelled, "Sit down now! You need to sit down now!" After refusing to acknowledge them, they proceeded to throw something at her, which her son later confirmed was a lime.

She then went on to explain why black people don't feel safe in "many white spaces," writing, "But in this moment, I'm just going to share my experience . . . So that maybe someone will understand, why many of us don't feel safe . . . in many white spaces . . . We don't "bring the drama" . . . Fix yourself." She ended her account by sharing screenshots of the racist responses she received on Twitter, and writing, "And last thing . . . I see folks saying 'Well u live in Louisiana' . . . but I say I live in a city w THE most incredible, beautiful black. folk." Perfectly said, Solange.

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