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Solange Knowles Released From Hospital After Collapse

Solange Knowles has been released from hospital after collapsing. Following the Armani Store Opening in NYC last night, she took NyQuil cold medication on a flight and started to feel strange.

The singer has been posting updates on her twitter page, writing about the adverse affect the medication was having on her: "think im certified loosing it on nyquil. going to sleep before i start freestyling on the plane".

After about three hours she added "Never taking nyquil again. I feel so weird."

Three hours after that, Solange twittered a series of quick messages:

"Woaah....How'd I end up in the hospital?"

"Woke up to 8 random people over me, laid out on the floor in baggage claim!"

"Guess I passed out! Scary. Hooked up to IV now . Apparantly I'm super dehydrated."

"My mom is the best. LOL. She's like ain't nothing wrong with this girl, she need some water and rest... Pull up the car! LOL"

"Blood pressure low"

Finally, one hour after that, at around midday GMT, Solange wrote: "I'm out! Yay!" and "they let me go..... Rest. Water. Rest. Water." Let's hope she gets some rest after her ordeal.


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