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Stranger Things Season 3 Details

Hold the Phone: Stranger Things Is Already Prepping a Third Season

This past Summer, we all collectively fell in love with Netflix's original sci-fi series, Stranger Things. As soon as we all burned through season one, we had to confront a few scary truths: we were left with so many burning questions, and for a while, there was no sure sign that the show would return for season two. Before long, though, Netflix finally announced a second instalment for the series. Shortly after that, we excitedly received a rush of casting news and a glimpse at the humble beginnings of the season. Now, thanks to a new Collider interview with director and producer Shawn Levy, we have more good news: Stranger Things isn't going anywhere.

In the new Q&A, Levy teased what's in store for the Netflix series. In addition to teasing expectations for season two, he also admitted the showrunners are thinking ahead to season three! "We are not gonna be caught off guard and we don't wanna be making stuff up like the day before we have to write it and make it," Levy said. "So we are definitely optimistic and we have started thinking ahead." Given the fact that Levy said the crew was "given a wink-wink" from Netflix about season two, there's a strong possibility they've already been reassured of more to come. You know what that means: plenty of Stranger Things magic, all the way until 2018 . . . at the very least.

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