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Sugar Bits - Read With Alexa

  • Kooky presenter Alexa Chung's career plans include being on Radio Four, talking about books. – Guardian
  • Sarah Jessica Parker's five-year-old son is "very into Barack Obama" in the lead up to the US elections. I think I liked Care Bears when I was five... or perhaps Kylie and Jason. – People
  • Here's a day in the life of R.E.M. – Times
  • Ever wondered what a CGI Amy Winehouse, Pete Doherty or Prince Harry would look like? Rory Bremner's new show has their interpretation. – Daily Mail
  • Kate Bosworth's new movie 21 is number one in the US box office, other new entries include Superhero Movie at no. 3 and Stop-Loss at no. 8. – Variety
  • Amy Winehouse's third album will apparently be pretty bleak. – The Sun
  • Kevin Spacey has criticised the BBC for their musical audition TV shows, saying they're "unfair". – BBC
  • Oh the randomness – here's a TV spot for Eastenders about the return of Patsy Palmer as Bianca Jackson, and her four kids – aka, the Jackson 5. Do you see what they did there? I'm glad they're trying something different with their ads, but just as a warning get your earplugs ready...


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