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Sugar Bits – The Mighty Boosh vs Honey Monster

  • The Honey Monster has copied the boys of The Mighty Boosh. And they're not happy about it. – The Sun
  • Heather Mills gave "inaccurate" evidence in her court battle with Sir Paul. – BBC
  • The Raconteurs new album will be released to press the same day it's released to fans. – Guardian
  • Halle Berry has named her daughter Nahla Ariela. – Daily Mail
  • One of my favourite actresses, Dame Maggie Smith, has been privately fighting breast cancer. – Telegraph
  • Apparently Bryan Adams has written a song about Amy Winehouse, called "Flower Grown Wild". – Mirror
  • New information about TV pilots currently in progress, including the exciting 90210 spinoff, has emerged. – Variety
  • Sarah Jessica Parker has called Maxim magazine "brutal" after its judgement of her as unsexiest woman in the world. – Page Six
  • Sad news from yesterday – Anthony Minghella died. He had surgery for cancer of the tonsils and neck last week, and despite the surgery going well, he had a haemorrhage yesterday morning that doctors were unable to stop. – Independent
  • Robin Williams will star in the 200th episode of Law & Order: SVU. – Hollywood Reporter
  • Finally, more sad news – sci-fi writer Arthur C Clarke has died. He was 90 years old. – AFP
    • (Image courtesy of the BBC.)

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