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Sugar Bits – Shirley Meets The Terminator

  • Lead singer of Garbage, Shirley Manson, has been cast as a regular in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles! – BuzzSugar
  • Sharon Stone has been dropped as a spokesmodel for Christian Dior in China, following her remarks about the earthquake. – BBC
  • A child opera star and a singing plumber are the last finalists to make it through to tomorrow's Britain's Got Talent final. – Daily Mail
  • Amy Winehouse's comeback gig in Lisbon will help determine whether she can tour the States. – Mirror
  • Remember Hanson? Well the littlest one - Zac – and his wife have just had a baby boy, named Shepherd. Mmmbop. – People
  • ICYMI Naomi Campbell will face charges for her most recent Heathrow incident.
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