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Super Bowl Selfie Kid on Good Morning America Feb. 2018

The Super Bowl "Selfie Kid" Reveals What He Was REALLY Looking at on His Phone

Look, it doesn't matter if 100 million people are watching you — if your favourite singer pops up right next to you, you've got to snap a photo . . . right? For newfound internet icon Ryan McKenna, that was certainly the case during the 2018 Super Bowl Halftime Show, when Justin Timberlake surprised him by walking through the crowd and posing for an impromptu selfie. Thirteen-year-old Ryan became an instant meme when he raised his phone to snap a pic with Justin, so naturally he appeared on Good Morning America less than 24 hours after the famous selfie.

The hosts had many questions for Ryan: did he expect to get within selfie territory with Justin during the show? How quickly did the media swoop in to meet with him? What was he looking at on his phone in the photo that became an overnight meme sensation?

During his spot on GMA, which you can watch above, Ryan wasn't shy in answering their questions! A "Super Bowl halftime lady" told Ryan that he was seated in a special section, but he didn't realise that meant Justin would be walking through the seating area during the show. (The selfie was quick thinking on his feet). As for press attention, Ryan didn't even catch the second half of the game because "the media just rushed me and it was crazy." And when it comes to the meme-worthy moment when he was staring at his phone? "I had a video going and my phone shut off," he explained, "that's why I was on my phone."

Watch his full description of the halftime show craziness above, then watch the Super Bowl commercials you might have missed while you were staring at your own phone!

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