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"A Term With Obama Again" Parody Video 2017

This Heartfelt, Hilarious Parody Video Captures All Our Feelings About Obama Leaving Office

If you're as bummed about Barack Obama leaving office as we are, you'll love this hilarious parody video. On Tuesday — which also marked Michelle Obama's 53rd birthday — YouTube user SullyStFleur posted a tribute to the Obama's legacy. The song, "A Term With Obama Again," is set to the tune of the Luther Vandross hit "Dance With My Father Again," and in the video, he pays homage to the family's class, grace, and politics by dancing through the streets of NYC and singing lyrics like, "In came Michelle, she brought me so much glee / always so snatched and beat and damn, those gowns honey" — oh, he also drops down to the ground and cries.

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