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Tidying Up With James Corden and Jean-Claude Van Damme Video

Tidying Up With James Corden and Jean-Claude Van Damme is Enough to Spark Joy in the Biggest KonMari Denier

If you find the global Netflix hit Tidying Up With Marie Kondo a little too soft and gentle, but still have a house that needs some serious decluttering, have no fear. James Corden and Jean-Claude Van Damme are here with their own answer to KonMari, which they displayed on The Late Late Show With James Corden on Thursday. Their tidying technique, the "James Cord Van Damme method" begins with the same simple question: "does this spark joy?" but that's where the similarities end. While Marie Kondo respects each item, thanking it for its service before sending it to a new home, James and Jean-Claude have a slightly more extreme approach, which you can witness in the video above. There's no denying it's effective, but we can't help thinking all this tidying up is only going to result in, um, more tidying up?!

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